February 26, 2016

How To Cure Asthma Naturally

Asthma is a condition of difficulty breathing and includes into lung diseases. The asthma condition is able to chronic or acute. The asthma attack is occurring when there is flow obstruction of air in the lung. The recent studies from Asthma Claims that there are about 5000 life of asthma in United States. Having asthma means, this is lifetime struggling to breathe normally. The bad side effect from prescription drug such as inhaled corticosteroids includes decreased bone density, poor growth, chicken pox, cataracts, glaucoma, and others more adding more depression for asthma sufferer. They aren't able to do active activity since it able to trigger asthma attack.

Asthma Early Warning Signs

· No feel hungry
· Feel tired or have trouble in sleeping
· Often have health trouble with cough
· Get often headache
· Get dark circles in your under eyes
· There is sensation of wheeze and very weak or very tired when doing exercises.

The cough disease that doesn't go away could lead to asthma. To indicate whether the cough that asthma coughs or not, asthma coughs usually hacking and dry. It's better for you to avoid take cough medicine since it doesn't have better impact for you. You also able to measurable any change in breathing. Asthma can triggered with allergens such as mold, mites, dust, and pollen. Some others such as cold air, viral illness, emotional stress and exercise also play role. Some asthma sufferer also gets asthma from heredity factors. Some people react with certain chemicals or additives in foods when they have asthma such as nuts, dairy product, preserve foods, wheat, and certain food coloring.

Cure Your Asthma with Natural Treatment

When you consider cure your asthma with natural treatment the most important thing that you need to consider is checking it first with your doctor. There are some natural products such as bee pollen that able to trigger asthma attack especially when you have specific allergic. The natural treatment of asthma are depend to key aspects; reduce allergic exposure, reduce the sensitivity and spasticity airways of the lungs, balance the allergic/ inflammatory pathways in body, and correcting nutrient imbalance in body. Otherwise, you can manage your asthma that make you able to control and treat your asthma.

· Get accurate asthma diagnosis from your doctor that makes you able to develop your asthma action plan that work well base on your asthma condition.
· Monitor peak flow rate in daily and track your asthma symptom and use of medication.
· Avoid the trigger of asthma such as smog, outdoor and indoor pollution, cigarette smoke and others.
· Avoid any food additives and processed foods. Asthma diet should emphasize with completely organic food as possible. Decrease the refined carbohydrates and heavily starches. Food allergies are most common with people with asthma. Food allergies can detected with blood test or food challenge.
· Check for medical advice if there is worsen asthma symptom such as allergic, sinusitis and GERD.
· Eat nutritious food that boosts immune defense system against viral and bacterial infections that trigger asthma. Nutrients that important for asthma sufferer include Vitamin C, B6 and B12, selenium and molybdenum. Vitamin B and molybdenum react to reduce the sensitivity of sulfites that common aggravates asthma in 5-10% of asthma sufferer.
· Try eating smaller with frequently meals and do not eat before you go to bed. The upward of stomach migration can cause heartburn that able to trigger asthma. If you consider for some natural method for your asthma, you can do several things below.
· Take herbs and natural dietary supplement. There are several herbs, plants and supplements that available for asthma relief.
· Take yoga for your stress remove, help you to control your breathing
· Acupuncture is other asthma relief that can reduce asthma attack, improve breathing.
· For natural remedies, you can add ginger with honey in your drink.

Always consult with your doctor before you take any herbs, plants to any called natural remedies for your asthma. If you experience side effects such as vomiting, anxiety, skin rashes, nausea, heartbeat in rapid, stop the herbal product and consult with your doctor immediately.

Take deep breathing can reduce the asthma attack frequency. Commonly, when people get asthma attack, they become anxious and harder to breathe. With practice these ways often, this will lead to breathe freely.

· Lie with your back in carpet and place a book in beyond of stomach. Inhale gently and deeply but keep your chest by not expand it. Instead, expand the abdomen. The use of the book, to monitor if you breathe in right way, when the book rises up, it means you breath in right.
 · Just when you think, it has reached the capacity, take little more air to see the book raise higher. Exhale gradually by counting slowly into five. More exhales means you get more relaxed. Repeat at least 5 times.

Investments for Your Asthma Natural Healing

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· The program is affordable and it's effective cure treatment for asthma that able to strengthen the whole respiratory system in your body
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February 05, 2016

Things to Do To Keep Away from Asthma Attack

Do you have a problem with your breathing? If it's so, you have to be worried because there's a possibility that you're suffered from asthma. For your information, asthma is related to the condition of lung. In specific, there's a problem with the muscles around the lung or airways system which is squeezed tight. As the result, you're having trouble with your breathing. If you have such kind of problem, it's better for you to go to the doctor to check the condition of your lung. Now, let’s learn a little bit about what you have to do to prevent asthma and what you should do if you are asthma sufferer so it doesn’t getting worse day by day.

The Way to Keep Away from Asthma

Just be glad if you still have normal breathing. But, it doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want. It's better to keep away from asthma. Actually, there are several things you can do so you can keep your health as well as your lung away from asthma.

- Stop Smoking 
There's no other way! If you really want to free from asthma, you have to stop smoking. The ingredients as well as the smoke are dangerous for your health especially your lung. If you're having problem with your lung it means you will be suffered from asthma.

- Just Make Yourself Relax and Calm 
For your information, stress has a relation with the condition of your metabolism. If you are in stress condition, you will be uncomfortable and unhealthy. Definitely, it can also affect your breathing system. If you don’t control your emotion and stress, there's a possibility that you will be suffered from asthma.

- Diet 
Besides stop smoking, you also need to control your eating habit. It's better to eat healthy foods. Healthy diet program is the best way to keep you away from asthma. You need to know that there's no specific diet to prevent asthma or asthma sufferer. But, by doing diet program earlier, you can reduce the risk of suffering from asthma. Diet makes your metabolism health including your lung and of course your breath.

- Exercise 
To keep your lung health and free from asthma, you can just do several exercises. The best exercise to keep you away from asthma is swimming. Just do it regularly because swimming treats your lung. If you don’t have time to go swimming because you have to go to public swimming pool, you can do different type of exercise. For example, you can do specific exercise such as running, walking, jogging, and many more. It's free and you can do it in your free time. Moreover, you can also do such kind of exercise outdoor or indoor. It seems that you have to do it outdoor sometimes so you can also relief your stress tension.

Things to Do for Asthma Sufferers

Now, how about if you are suffered from asthma? You don’t need to worry because it's not the end of your world. What you have to do is keeping yourself away from something which triggers asthma attack. Actually, you can also do several things to life normally although you are asthma sufferer.

- Keep away from something which can cause asthma attack
There's a case that asthma can cause because of allergy of something. The asthma will attack you if you get closer with the allergen. The allergen which can trigger your asthma is including flowers, pets, dusts, air pollution, smoke, and many more. Because of that, it's better to stay in a healthy surrounding. You have to clean your living area regularly to prevent dust or pollution. Don’t forget to wear masker while cleaning your area so you don’t have to absorb the allergen. Hopefully, by doing such kind of action you can do your activities normally although you are suffered from asthma.

- Control your foods 
Don’t underestimate the food which you eat. This is because there are several foods which can trigger asthma attack. It's better for you to know what kind of foods you need to avoid by the suggestion from your doctor. Generally, specific foods such as egg, milk, peanuts, fish, and shrimp can be the allergen which causes asthma attack. It's better to change those allergen foods which some healthy foods including fruits and vegetables.

- Control your emotion 
Asthma can attack suddenly because of your emotion. Mostly, you will get asthma attack when you are anxious, angry, or fear. What you need to know that those emotions lead you to stress condition. As the result, it disturbs your normal heart rate and breathing system which trigger asthma attack.

- Preparing for weather changing
Asthma can be attacked you because of the weather. Let say, in extreme cold weather, you tend to suffered from asthma. If you can’t avoid the extreme cold area, it's better to prepare everything which makes you comfortable and away from asthma. For example, you can wear jacket or anything which makes your warm. Don’t go outside if it's not urgent condition.

Asthma Action Plan 

It's true that you will have hard time to live with asthma but you have to prepare everything well. Preparing everything well helps you to live better with asthma. For example, it's a must for you to prepare asthma action plan. Asthma action plan is including preparing asthma inhaler in your bag. Don’t let the asthma inhaler because you will have asthma attack anytime. Moreover, you also need to know what kind of action you have to do if asthma attacking you. In this case, you have to stop any kind of action you are doing. Just remain calm and relax while managing your breath. Then, take the asthma inhaler. If the asthma inhaler doesn’t give significant result, it's better for you to call emergency or ask a help from your friends to go to the closer hospital. It's also better not to do hard or heavy activities which can trigger asthma attack.

How to Treat Children with Asthma

It will be so sad if your beloved children are diagnosed suffered from asthma. The problem is that sometimes you are too late to know about it. As the result, your beloved children have to follow a lot of treatments and medicines to reduce their asthma. So, before it's too late, it's better for you to recognize whether your children are suffered from asthma or not. If it's so, you can just treat it earlier to prevent worse side effects.

The Symptoms of Asthma in Children

The first thing to know is the symptoms of asthma in children itself. If you know the symptoms you can make earlier prediction. The main symptom is of course related to the breathing. If they are suffered from asthma, they will breathe faster and louder than normal breathing per minute. You also need to be sensitive with your children. Children who are suffered from asthma will also suffered from coughing. The frequency of coughing is worse when they are active such as running or playing with their friends. The next symptom is runny nose and fever. Because they fell uncomfortable, later they will be not too active whether when they are playing with their friends or school activities

Medication Asthma Tests for Children

The best way to know whether your children are suffered from asthma or not, is by taking them to the doctor. Here, they will have clinical diagnosis. You might be worried especially if there's a history in your family who also has asthma. It's also a must for you to bring your children to the doctor especially when they are suffered from allergy which makes them difficult to breath. If your children are suffered from bronchitis over and over again, you have to be worried that they have asthma. So the best way is taking them to the doctor and make sure whether they are suffered from asthma or not. There are several medical tests which have to be done by your children:

- Spirometry Test 
This test is a breathing medical test. The function of spirometry is to know the work of your lung. Not all children can do this spirometry test. This type of test is commonly used for 5 years old children.

- Exhaled Nitric Oxide or FeNo Test 
This test is airway inflammation test. Just like the name of the test, Exhaled Nitric Oxide test is done to know whether there's a problem in the airway in the body. If there is something wrong it means that your children are diagnosed as asthma sufferer. This test is also used for 5 years old children. 

- Impulse Oscillometry Test 
This test is taken to make sure that there's no problem with lung or airway system. Actually, it's similar to Spirometry and Exhaled Nitric Oxide. The different is that Impulse Oscillometry test is used for children under 5 years old who can’t take those two tests above. 

- Peak Flow Meter 
The condition of lung is very important to know whether your children are suffered from asthma or not. Peak flow meter is a device which can measure whether the lung is normal or not.

Asthma Medication for Children

The problem started when your children are diagnosed as asthma sufferer. Of course, you have to remain calm. You may glad because it's known earlier so you can treat your children faster. The good news is that there are also several medical treatments you can do for your children to keep them away from asthma.

- Cortisone medication 
This medicine is good for anti inflammatory. It's considered as the most effective medicine and it's a common thing if cortisone medication used as the first medication for children who are suffered from asthma.

- Medicines 
You can give albuterol to your children to relief the symptoms of asthma. As the result, your children can get their normal breath back just like before. In different case, you can also give certain medicine such as mometasone, salmeterol, montelukast, and many more to your children. Those types of medicines are useful to reduce the inflammation problem caused by asthma.

The Causes and How to Prevent Asthma

There are several causes why children can suffer from asthma. For your information, the cause can be from you as the parent and the environment. Newborn baby can be suffered from asthma if you are a smoker. The problem is that if you don’t stop smoke even in your pregnancy period. There's also a case that a family who has asthma history will also have a baby who is suffered from asthma. On the other hand, environment has an important role as the cause of asthma. For example, if you are living in an area which full of pollutant. The pollutant can be absorbed by your children and slowly but sure, your children will have asthma. This is also strongly related to the climate change. The best way is keeping the immune system of your children so they don’t get easily sick. To keep them safe and comfortable, you need to know how to treat your children when they are at school. For example, don’t forget to bring asthma inhaler.

Before that, you also need to make sure that the teachers know that your children are suffered from asthma. Don’t forget to make asthma action plan or asthma diary for your children so you know the condition of your children day by day. It's better to keep them away from something which triggering asthma at school. Meanwhile, you also have to ask your children to take a walk in the morning. Just try to make sure that they breathe the morning fresh air. If you are a smoker, you have to keep away the smoke from your children otherwise their asthma will be worse. Don’t let them stress with their condition and make them life as comfortable as they can although they are suffered from asthma. Hopefully, after several medical treatments and daily treatments, they can be free from asthma and get their healthy condition back. So, this is the reason why you have to check their health condition earlier.

Live Longer, Live Healthier with Asthma; Recognizing what Asthma and its Symptoms Are

It's not easy living with asthma. There must be some set of rules and limitation to prevent and to cure the asthma to get worse. But it's also not a reason for someone with asthma to limit their movements, to limit their creativity, as well as their mobility. Probably, one sure thing is to know asthma better, so that all the difficulties will be passed well. Recognizing asthma is not only the patient’s duty to understand, it's also supposed to be supported by people surround them. When the situation is getting worse, someone can be a helper and do a right thing to reduce the worse risk: death.

In this era where people can go anywhere they want, it's very possible then for someone to get impacts from asthma. The free radical from pollution and other human activities will surely cause many symptoms of asthma to happen. If this happens in you, then one of many ways to get rid of this is by living a healthy life. It's indeed not easy to live a healthy live, but it surely is worth it. When you have a priority to live healthily in your mind, then living that way wouldn't be an obstacle anymore. It surely will turn into habit. In this article, you are about to learn more about asthma. Please pay attention to every details and every piece of information. Make sure you are ware, and taking notes. Please stay positive too!


Asthma is a chronic inflammation that commonly happens in respiratory. This disease has its own sign: the sign is that there's a various symptom and it repeats. Then there's also a blockage in respiratory that is reversible, and also a bronchus spasm. There are also common symptoms. They include cough, chest is heavy (sometimes painful), and out of breath. When it happens, it's not only your job to know about this, but also people (close persons) surround you. Work it out together.

At first, asthma was predicted to cause by some combined factors. The combined factors were genetic and environment. Diagnose is usually based on the pattern of symptoms, the response toward therapy in certain period, and spirometer. Asthma is clinically classifies based on how often the symptoms appear, as well as the expiration volume in a second, along with the peak of expiration channel. Asthma can also be classified as an atopic (extrinsic) or non-atopic (intrinsic); atopic is related with the predisposition of reaction development.

Asthma and its Trigger

As it has been acknowledged before that asthma is considered coming from genetic and environment, then it's important for you to not only pay attention to the genetic part, but also to your surroundings. Asthma can trigger other disease, but also asthma can be triggered form another disease. With disease, it means that it can irritate and be an irritation in some part of body. And also, the trigger here means something that can irritate respiratory, that will lead to the appearance of asthma. Of course, the general trigger of asthma in each person is different. Let’s have a look.

There are some things that can trigger asthma. They include pet feathers, cold, and dust, smoke of cigarette, pollen, lung infections, and physical activities such as sport. Some activities such as job will also worsen asthma. This one is commonly recognized as “asthma caused by work” or an asthma that relates to work. For example, an industrial worker that has asthma because of the intensity of overexposed dust or sand.

As you can see from the explanation above, the triggers of asthma are sometimes a simple thing. They don't require a great cause to cause asthma. For example, the smoke of cigarette can trigger asthma. It has also been acknowledged that smoke of cigarette is not healthy for the active and moreover for the passive smoker. Be careful of your surroundings. A good surrounding is a good environment that doesn't harm you. If you cann't find one person who does that, then be one.


Asthma has a sign and a symptom that can start from the light one to the heavy one. Each person, too, has a various symptoms. You or your family member may experience one symptoms of asthma such as breathing heavily, and sometimes the asthma attacks with no trigger. It just happens. When you feel the symptoms, at that time you may think that it is just a temporary feeling. It will be gone soon. Another case, asthma can also happen in one long day up to the night. Let’s get to know the symptoms and live healthier.

Sign and symptoms of asthma include:
• Short breathing
• The tightness of chest muscle that causes chest to feel pain or heavy
• Sleep deprived because of short breathing or cough
• There is a whistle-sound-like when breathing, and
• Cough that gets worse when the respiratory attacks by virus such as flu

Symptoms of Chronic Asthma include:
• There is a tendency of the asthma to get worse signed by how frequent, the signs, and the symptoms.
• There is a low average of number of respiratory, meaning that the breathing is getting short and short.
• There is an increase of needs to apply a treatment called Bronchodilator. This will open the way for respiratory to also rest some of the breathing muscles.

Living Healthier

Now that you have acknowledged yourself with the information above. It's now a time to ask yourself if you are ready to live healthier. Living healthier requires you to have a commitment. For the sake of your own, be wise when it comes to your surroundings. Eat healthier, drink healthier. Asthma can't be beaten, but it can be reduced by living a healthy live. You may also run some diets your doctor required you. The last but not least, plant some positivity in yourself, keep your environment clean not only for you but also for your family members, as well as your neighbors.

Acknowledging a Self with Asthma, Preventing and Curing It with Traditional Ingredients

Fighting asthma is not like fighting most diseases; when you are done with the treatment, then you don’t have to maintain regularly, then you don’t have to be careful with what you do. Dealing with asthma is like dealing with a disease that is spoil. Just like a little kid, you are going to need help when the symptoms come. The interesting part is that you don’t even know if the situation you experience is a part of asthma symptoms.

Asthma is cause by the interaction of environment and also genetic that's actually a complex combination and not even fully understood. All the factors can cause the asthma, whether it's the level of breathing or even its response toward therapy. These days, when people start to have a worse way of life, that will impact to a worse environment, asthma is considered to have a relation with epigenetic (a condition where the disease is not inherited through DNA), and also the surroundings that change.

Scarcity of Healthy Environment, Nowadays

It's getting worse, day by day. Seeing the fact that our environment is no longer safe to be lived is even worse. Yet, we can't do anything massively. But we still can do things slowly, little by little. The healthy environment is one of the least factors (and the most difficult one for us) nowadays to protect. We keep begging for a healthy surrounding but we can't make that happen, simply because we disobey. One of the most annoying surrounding is related to smoke: whether it's smoke of cigarette or pollution. We are having a difficulty in finding a healthy environment. The scarcity of green life is getting scare. It worsens not only the patients of asthma, but also other people, who may soon infect an asthma. Change. We can always change something we don’t like. We need to realize that if we keep going like this, Earth will soon be rotten and that is when we realize it can't be enjoyed no more by the next generations.

There are so many factors related to environment that's also connected to the appearance of asthma and the exacerbation of asthma: they include allergen, air pollution, and other chemical substance in our environment. Smoking during pregnancy and after pregnancy is also connected to the higher risk for the baby to be inherited the asthma, or close to asthma. The bad quality of pollution from vehicles or the high number of ozone are also connected with asthma and its development.

Related to that fact, asthma can also relate to allergen inside a room. Allergen inside one room can be caused by dust, cockroach, dandruff of animals, and fungi. Some prevention will not be able to prevent us from getting infected by them. Certain virus in respiratory can heighten the risk of asthma, if it happen to kids. But the interesting part is that some other diseases can dysfunction the development of asthma itself. One solution for all is to keep the surroundings clean and healthy. With that, the scarcity of healthy environment can be fought.

Cleanliness Hypothesis

The cleanliness hypothesis is a theory that tries to explain the increase of patients with asthma in the world as a direct result and also an analysis of kids getting in contact with virus when they were in the womb, or when they are born already. All the circumstances will shape the way the asthma live and occur in someone. From the theory that's also supported by the analysis and survey, it has been recognized that the decrease of asthma in one circumstance is cause by the increase of cleanliness and the number of modern family. This is supported by the low number of people with asthma in farm land and in the place where there is a pet. This is because there is function of greenery in there.

Living with Asthma

If you happen to have asthma or live with someone who has asthma, do not worry or be anxious. Asthma is a condition that can be controlled. The key is to be discipline toward the handling or to the prevention. The following steps will help you to do the prevention or treatment for people with asthma. How?

· By recognizing and avoiding the trigger of asthma (environment)
· By following the plan for your asthma prevention made with your doctor
· By recognizing asthma and curing it well as soon as possible
· By taking medicines for asthma suggested by your doctor, regularly
· By monitoring your breathing
· By also doing influenza vaccination and pneumonia to prevent from any complication caused by asthma attack
· By recognizing the fact that when the use of inhaler is increasing, then it's better for you to consult to your doctor: this will be a guide for your medical check up to adjust your recent condition.

Traditional Medicine

As many of us have known, the best always comes naturally from nature. The diseases will come along with the cure. Sometimes, we just haven’t known yet. Some of the following traditional treatments here may help you reduce and prevent the asthma attack, chronic or not.

With Ylang Flowers
This Ylang flowers might be a little hard to find. Try to find them in an Asian traditional market. Have some 15 to 30 grams of flowers then add 2 tbs of sugar, and water 250 cc. Boil them and add all the sugar, be wise using sugar please. Drink this once in a day. Ylang has a very great impact on respiratory because of its relaxing ingredients.

This still relates to flowers. You will need one sunflower, some sugar, and 550 cc water. The steps are just the same with what you do with Ylang. But remember, you are just using the mid of the flower, not all. Drink this regularly. Sunflowers have a great effect on respiratory to calm the nerve, as well as the chest muscle. Make sure that you do run a healthy life.

February 04, 2016

Asthma: Essential Facts and Suggestions You Must Know

Asthma is no longer a new thing to hear. There are so many people who have this condition and we often see how bad it can be. If you or people you love are diagnosed with it, there are several facts and suggestions you will probably be best to know. Asthma is common now but it still needs serious care and treatment.

Medical Definition and Symptoms

Medically, asthma is a condition in which someone suffers trouble breathing. The trouble is caused by the air way getting tighter or swollen. For some people, this is just a minor condition. For other people, this can be life threatening. The symptoms can happen anytime or only on certain activities like exercise. The symptoms can be different from one to another, but it includes short breath, chest pain or tightness, wheezy exhaling, and coughing. Based on the situation it happens, asthma can be categorized into three groups including exercise induced, occupational, and allergy induced. You must go to the doctor when the short breath and wheezing gets worse and rapid, there is no significant improvement after using inhaler, and short breath in small exercise or activity.

Major Causes and Risking Factors

There is no official clarification on the exact cause, but doctors believe it is probably caused by environmental factor and genetic condition. However, there are several things that provoke asthma. It includes Gastroesophageal reflux or GERD, food with preservatives or sulfites, stress and intense emotion, several medications, air irritants and pollutants, cold air, exercise, infection on respiratory, and allergens. Besides, factors like exposure to pollutants, being overweight or smoker, allergic condition, and blood relative with asthma contribute to higher risk on it. If one of those factors or provoking condition happens to you, you should consider seeing a doctor and have yourself checked. Early diagnose will result better.

Possible Complications

People with asthma commonly have to face several possible complications. The complications can be long term or short term. Both are uncomfortable and often annoying. Most patients experience symptoms and signs on all activities including sleeping. They also need to take several day off from school or work when it flares up. On several patients, the bronchial tubes are narrowing permanently. It influences your ability to breath and can be life threatening. Constant visit to emergency room or being hospitalized are your routine menu, not to mention the side effects of several medications to your health. Sometimes, it has real bad side effects, a brand new health problem to treat and cure other than the asthma.

Diagnosis and Tests

If you have the chance to have asthma, you should see a doctor to get checked. In the appointment, you should tell the doctor all symptoms you have been feeling and if gets worse, personal details like recent change or relative with the condition, medications you are taking, and other possible information helpful for diagnosis. Doctors will commonly recommend you to do physical exam, and several tests like spirometry to check the narrowing and peak flow to check the hardest breath you can take out. Several other tests are also possible, like methacholine test, nitric oxide test, imaging and allergy test, sputum eosinophils, and a test for induced and exercise asthma. After the test, the asthma is categorized into four different groups, severe persistent, moderate persistent, mild persistent, and mild intermittent. Each of them requires different treatment.

Drugs and Treatments

Patients can get several asthma treatments. The long term treatment includes inhaled corticosteroid, leukotrine modifier, beta agonists, combination in inhalers, and theophylline. The last medication is not used so often now due to several medical reasons. Beside the long term, patients can also have short term treatment like beta agonists, the short acting one, atrovent, and intravenous and oral corticosteroid. For allergies, the treatment commonly includes xolair and immunotherapy. Bronchial thermoplasty is also possible treatment for asthma but not very likely. Consistent action plan is highly needed to control the symptoms.

Home Remedies

Asthma home remedies are not available except for better environment and healthy lifestyle. To provide good environment for you, you should your air conditioner to remove airborne pollen, minimize dust from your d├ęcor, get optimal humidity, clean spores from mold, groom pet regularly, clean regularly, and cover mouth and nose when it is cold for you. You need to maintain clean, fresh, and healthy environment to minimize the risk. Getting regular exercise will also make your lung and heart stronger. Just try to do it moderately without forcing your body too much, and do it in regular basis for best result. Make sure that you have ideal weight and try to control heartburn and GERD. 

Other Medicine

Beside asthma medicine prescribed by doctors, you can also try several things like caffeine, pycnogenol, choline, and black seed in moderate intake regularly. Based on several patients, these alternative medicines are helpful in controlling your symptoms. Beside those medicines, you should also try breathing exercise. Several patients even recommend yoga. It doesn’t have to be a hard exercise. Instead do it in ease but effective. This exercise is proven to be effective in reducing the total amount of prescribed medicine you should take. However, these medicine and exercise are not the replacement for the prescribed medicine and treatments. Consult to your doctor if it will fit and if it will be helpful for your asthma.


If you have asthma, you should learn to pace yourself out. Take a little break after each activity or task and make sure you are in healthy environment. If your loved ones have this, make sure that you help him in maintaining good environment, healthy lifestyle, and being consistent in seeing the doctor. The symptoms can be controlled in several ways like doing your doctor action plan, get flu or pneumonia vaccine when you need to, avoid the triggers and monitor how you breath. Make immediate action when you find yourself using the inhaler a lot more often. Get early treatment when an attack happens, and take your medicine as prescribed. Those should help you prevent the attack and control your asthma symptoms.

From the explanation above, you learn that asthma is an incurable condition. We can only control the symptoms. Therefore, consistent appointment with your doctors is important so you can work with your symptoms and adjust the treatment for your asthma.