February 05, 2016

Live Longer, Live Healthier with Asthma; Recognizing what Asthma and its Symptoms Are

It's not easy living with asthma. There must be some set of rules and limitation to prevent and to cure the asthma to get worse. But it's also not a reason for someone with asthma to limit their movements, to limit their creativity, as well as their mobility. Probably, one sure thing is to know asthma better, so that all the difficulties will be passed well. Recognizing asthma is not only the patient’s duty to understand, it's also supposed to be supported by people surround them. When the situation is getting worse, someone can be a helper and do a right thing to reduce the worse risk: death.

In this era where people can go anywhere they want, it's very possible then for someone to get impacts from asthma. The free radical from pollution and other human activities will surely cause many symptoms of asthma to happen. If this happens in you, then one of many ways to get rid of this is by living a healthy life. It's indeed not easy to live a healthy live, but it surely is worth it. When you have a priority to live healthily in your mind, then living that way wouldn't be an obstacle anymore. It surely will turn into habit. In this article, you are about to learn more about asthma. Please pay attention to every details and every piece of information. Make sure you are ware, and taking notes. Please stay positive too!


Asthma is a chronic inflammation that commonly happens in respiratory. This disease has its own sign: the sign is that there's a various symptom and it repeats. Then there's also a blockage in respiratory that is reversible, and also a bronchus spasm. There are also common symptoms. They include cough, chest is heavy (sometimes painful), and out of breath. When it happens, it's not only your job to know about this, but also people (close persons) surround you. Work it out together.

At first, asthma was predicted to cause by some combined factors. The combined factors were genetic and environment. Diagnose is usually based on the pattern of symptoms, the response toward therapy in certain period, and spirometer. Asthma is clinically classifies based on how often the symptoms appear, as well as the expiration volume in a second, along with the peak of expiration channel. Asthma can also be classified as an atopic (extrinsic) or non-atopic (intrinsic); atopic is related with the predisposition of reaction development.

Asthma and its Trigger

As it has been acknowledged before that asthma is considered coming from genetic and environment, then it's important for you to not only pay attention to the genetic part, but also to your surroundings. Asthma can trigger other disease, but also asthma can be triggered form another disease. With disease, it means that it can irritate and be an irritation in some part of body. And also, the trigger here means something that can irritate respiratory, that will lead to the appearance of asthma. Of course, the general trigger of asthma in each person is different. Let’s have a look.

There are some things that can trigger asthma. They include pet feathers, cold, and dust, smoke of cigarette, pollen, lung infections, and physical activities such as sport. Some activities such as job will also worsen asthma. This one is commonly recognized as “asthma caused by work” or an asthma that relates to work. For example, an industrial worker that has asthma because of the intensity of overexposed dust or sand.

As you can see from the explanation above, the triggers of asthma are sometimes a simple thing. They don't require a great cause to cause asthma. For example, the smoke of cigarette can trigger asthma. It has also been acknowledged that smoke of cigarette is not healthy for the active and moreover for the passive smoker. Be careful of your surroundings. A good surrounding is a good environment that doesn't harm you. If you cann't find one person who does that, then be one.


Asthma has a sign and a symptom that can start from the light one to the heavy one. Each person, too, has a various symptoms. You or your family member may experience one symptoms of asthma such as breathing heavily, and sometimes the asthma attacks with no trigger. It just happens. When you feel the symptoms, at that time you may think that it is just a temporary feeling. It will be gone soon. Another case, asthma can also happen in one long day up to the night. Let’s get to know the symptoms and live healthier.

Sign and symptoms of asthma include:
• Short breathing
• The tightness of chest muscle that causes chest to feel pain or heavy
• Sleep deprived because of short breathing or cough
• There is a whistle-sound-like when breathing, and
• Cough that gets worse when the respiratory attacks by virus such as flu

Symptoms of Chronic Asthma include:
• There is a tendency of the asthma to get worse signed by how frequent, the signs, and the symptoms.
• There is a low average of number of respiratory, meaning that the breathing is getting short and short.
• There is an increase of needs to apply a treatment called Bronchodilator. This will open the way for respiratory to also rest some of the breathing muscles.

Living Healthier

Now that you have acknowledged yourself with the information above. It's now a time to ask yourself if you are ready to live healthier. Living healthier requires you to have a commitment. For the sake of your own, be wise when it comes to your surroundings. Eat healthier, drink healthier. Asthma can't be beaten, but it can be reduced by living a healthy live. You may also run some diets your doctor required you. The last but not least, plant some positivity in yourself, keep your environment clean not only for you but also for your family members, as well as your neighbors.

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