February 05, 2016

Acknowledging a Self with Asthma, Preventing and Curing It with Traditional Ingredients

Fighting asthma is not like fighting most diseases; when you are done with the treatment, then you don’t have to maintain regularly, then you don’t have to be careful with what you do. Dealing with asthma is like dealing with a disease that is spoil. Just like a little kid, you are going to need help when the symptoms come. The interesting part is that you don’t even know if the situation you experience is a part of asthma symptoms.

Asthma is cause by the interaction of environment and also genetic that's actually a complex combination and not even fully understood. All the factors can cause the asthma, whether it's the level of breathing or even its response toward therapy. These days, when people start to have a worse way of life, that will impact to a worse environment, asthma is considered to have a relation with epigenetic (a condition where the disease is not inherited through DNA), and also the surroundings that change.

Scarcity of Healthy Environment, Nowadays

It's getting worse, day by day. Seeing the fact that our environment is no longer safe to be lived is even worse. Yet, we can't do anything massively. But we still can do things slowly, little by little. The healthy environment is one of the least factors (and the most difficult one for us) nowadays to protect. We keep begging for a healthy surrounding but we can't make that happen, simply because we disobey. One of the most annoying surrounding is related to smoke: whether it's smoke of cigarette or pollution. We are having a difficulty in finding a healthy environment. The scarcity of green life is getting scare. It worsens not only the patients of asthma, but also other people, who may soon infect an asthma. Change. We can always change something we don’t like. We need to realize that if we keep going like this, Earth will soon be rotten and that is when we realize it can't be enjoyed no more by the next generations.

There are so many factors related to environment that's also connected to the appearance of asthma and the exacerbation of asthma: they include allergen, air pollution, and other chemical substance in our environment. Smoking during pregnancy and after pregnancy is also connected to the higher risk for the baby to be inherited the asthma, or close to asthma. The bad quality of pollution from vehicles or the high number of ozone are also connected with asthma and its development.

Related to that fact, asthma can also relate to allergen inside a room. Allergen inside one room can be caused by dust, cockroach, dandruff of animals, and fungi. Some prevention will not be able to prevent us from getting infected by them. Certain virus in respiratory can heighten the risk of asthma, if it happen to kids. But the interesting part is that some other diseases can dysfunction the development of asthma itself. One solution for all is to keep the surroundings clean and healthy. With that, the scarcity of healthy environment can be fought.

Cleanliness Hypothesis

The cleanliness hypothesis is a theory that tries to explain the increase of patients with asthma in the world as a direct result and also an analysis of kids getting in contact with virus when they were in the womb, or when they are born already. All the circumstances will shape the way the asthma live and occur in someone. From the theory that's also supported by the analysis and survey, it has been recognized that the decrease of asthma in one circumstance is cause by the increase of cleanliness and the number of modern family. This is supported by the low number of people with asthma in farm land and in the place where there is a pet. This is because there is function of greenery in there.

Living with Asthma

If you happen to have asthma or live with someone who has asthma, do not worry or be anxious. Asthma is a condition that can be controlled. The key is to be discipline toward the handling or to the prevention. The following steps will help you to do the prevention or treatment for people with asthma. How?

· By recognizing and avoiding the trigger of asthma (environment)
· By following the plan for your asthma prevention made with your doctor
· By recognizing asthma and curing it well as soon as possible
· By taking medicines for asthma suggested by your doctor, regularly
· By monitoring your breathing
· By also doing influenza vaccination and pneumonia to prevent from any complication caused by asthma attack
· By recognizing the fact that when the use of inhaler is increasing, then it's better for you to consult to your doctor: this will be a guide for your medical check up to adjust your recent condition.

Traditional Medicine

As many of us have known, the best always comes naturally from nature. The diseases will come along with the cure. Sometimes, we just haven’t known yet. Some of the following traditional treatments here may help you reduce and prevent the asthma attack, chronic or not.

With Ylang Flowers
This Ylang flowers might be a little hard to find. Try to find them in an Asian traditional market. Have some 15 to 30 grams of flowers then add 2 tbs of sugar, and water 250 cc. Boil them and add all the sugar, be wise using sugar please. Drink this once in a day. Ylang has a very great impact on respiratory because of its relaxing ingredients.

This still relates to flowers. You will need one sunflower, some sugar, and 550 cc water. The steps are just the same with what you do with Ylang. But remember, you are just using the mid of the flower, not all. Drink this regularly. Sunflowers have a great effect on respiratory to calm the nerve, as well as the chest muscle. Make sure that you do run a healthy life.

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