July 23, 2016

4 Delicious Dishes to Help you Prevent Asthma

There are many delicious dishes to help you prevent asthma. Indeed, a lot of people with asthma have to avoid quite a lot of things. However, they can still enjoy healthy food. This health problem, asthma, is indeed an unpleasant health problem because it can give you the difficulty of breathing and thus making your chest in pain. Asthma will also limit your freedom because when your asthma attacks, you can't do your daily activity properly. You won't be able to run because you're running out of breath and stuff. People with asthma or what so called asthmatic people also must avoid quite a lot of foods including milk, eggs, and peanuts, because they can trigger asthma. Fortunately, there are still many good dishes to be consumed by people with asthma. Below you will see five delicious dishes to help you prevent asthma. They contain only the foods that can soothe asthma and not making it worse instead.

1. Honey Glazed Baked Apple

If you want a little snack in the middle of the night and you can't have cereal because you have asthma, you can make this honey glazed baked apple. We all know that apple is very good for asthma. Apple can prevent asthma because it has high amount of flavonoids inside it. This compound can open up the airways and thus preventing the asthma. That's why apple is so good for asthma. As for honey, honey is good for your body after all because honey has natural anti-inflammation agent and also rich of vitamin. Consuming honey can soothe the inflammation anywhere inside your body including in the respiratory system. To make the dish, all you need to do is peel the apple and slice them. Place them into a bowl and drizzle the honey. After that, pour a teaspoon of lemon juce and place them into preheated oven of 350 degree Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes. Take the dish out when the surface of the apple is already caramelized. It's so delicious and it won't harm your body.

2. Avocado Toast with Salmon

For breakfast in the morning, you can have avocado toast with salmon. It's a delicious dish with healthy ingredients. Avocado is rich of glutathione. It's a really important antioxidant for our body. It can help us to prevent the asthma because glutathione can fight free radicals. Avocado is very good for your body as well because a good fat. Good fat helps to keep the body healthy while giving you the proper energy and nutrition to keep you strong. As for salmon, salmon is a huge source of vitamin D. You can't get the vitamin D from milk because milk can trigger asthma instead. So, you must find alternative source of milk and it's including salmon. Salmon's also rich of omega 3 fatty acid. This kind of substance can make the body healthy and the lungs even healthier. Omega 3 fatty acid is also good for brain developing in children. That's why the combination of avocado and salmon will make you very healthy and away from asthma. To make the dish, just prepare one slice of bread that you have already toasted. After that, spread a little bit of unsalted butter on the bread and then put the smoked salmon. After the smoked salmon, place the avocado slice. The dish is ready and you can eat it right away. It will make you free from asthma and very healthy instead.

3. Vegetables and Garlic Soup

If you want to consume soup but you have asthma, probably vegetables and garlic soup is the best selection for you. Garlic soup use vegetable stock and a lot of vegetables and garlic inside it. The flavor is very strong but delicious. You can also make the dish according to your preference. Why garlic soup? Well it's because actually garlic is a natural anti bacteria. You will be able to find anti-inflammatory properties in garlic as well. Garlic can fight free radicals and also soothe the inflammation inside the airways when asthma attacks. So, consuming garlic can actually help you to soothe the asthma attack. To make this dish, you need to create the stock. Use garlic, celery stick, bay leave, carrots, onions, and thyme. Boil them together for several hours so that the stock can be very intense in flavor. After that, strain the stock and reheat it again when the filling for the soup is ready. Use sweet potato and broccoli as the filling of the soup. Both of them are rich of vitamin D and vitamin D can soothe the symptoms of asthma. Just dice the sweet potato and chop the broccoli and boil them with the vegetable stock. You can add several cloves or sliced garlic in the end.

4. Baked Carrot with Orange Glaze

If you want some side dishes which are delicious, healthy, and safe for your asthma condition, this baked carrot with orange glaze can be your option. The main ingredient here is carrot which is so great for people with asthma because it has beta carotene. Beta carotene is good for your eyesight and also good to prevent asthma. Beta carotene is capable to reduce the asthma attack and prevent the asthma from getting worse. The carrot will be glazed by orange sauce. Orange is also very great for asthmatic people because it's rich of both antioxidant and vitamin C. Vitamin C and antioxidant can fight the free radicals. It then helps to protect the lungs and maintain the air flow on the lung. To make the dish, all you need to do is wash the carrot and then peel the skin off. You can actually leave the skin on if you like. After that just lay it on the baking tray. All you need to do now is make the orange sauce. Just reduce the juice of two oranges until it's thicker and stickier. After that, pour the sauce on the top of the carrot and bake them for 30-35 minutes in preheated oven of 350 degree Fahrenheit. It's obviously one of the best dishes to help you prevent asthma.

July 20, 2016

5 Foods you Must Avoid to Prevent Asthma

Considering that asthma can attack anyone, knowing the foods that you must avoid to prevent asthma is incredibly important. Health condition like asthma can really happen to anyone regardless of the gender and age. That's why we need to avoid asthma and make sure that we're free to breathe unlike when we have asthma. Sadly, there are quite a lot of foods that can trigger asthma. In order to remain healthy, we need to avoid consuming them, especially if we already have asthma. Below are five of those foods you must avoid to prevent asthma. Stay away from them and you will be very healthy and free from asthma.

1. Eggs

Consuming eggs is healthy, actually. It's because egg is a great source of protein and vitamin. Eggs are also very delicious and in the ingredients of so many dishes. That's why avoiding eggs are actually very hard. However, eggs can have bad side effects especially for those who have egg allergy and asthma. For those who have egg allergy, skin reaction like hives can appear if they consume eggs or even egg products. Asthma is also one of the worst reactions of egg allergy. Consuming eggs or egg products can trigger the difficulty to breathe and asthma attack. That's why avoiding eggs is probably the best way for people who have egg allergy and asthma to stay healthy. Eggs are in the ingredients of so many dishes, so it's probably better to find the substitute for egg or to be very selective in choosing what you eat and make sure the food or drink that comes into your body doesn't contain any eggs or egg products.

2. Milk and Dairy

Milk is very good for your body especially for teeth and bones. Milk is also a great source of vitamin D and calcium. However, for people who have asthma, milk can trigger a big problem, unfortunately. It's believed that people who have problems with lactose and also bona fide allergy will get annoying health conditions like endless wheezing, coughing, and also worse respiratory symptoms like asthma when they consume milk. That's why a lot of people suggest that people with those kinds of allergy and also with asthma must avoid milk and dairy. It's actually pretty ironic because vitamin D can cure asthma by ease the symptoms and milk is a source of vitamin D. That's why other sources of vitamin D can be used. Instead of milk, people with asthma can consume carrots, papaya, sweet potato, melon, peaches, broccoli, squash, peppers, and mangoes. They are rich of vitamin D as well and they will not trigger asthma attack

3. Peanuts

Consuming peanuts is going to trigger fatal allergic reactions in anyone suffering from peanut allergy and also asthma. It's believed that a lot of asthmatic people also have peanut allergy. Both peanut allergy and asthma seem to come in one package. There's a study that eventually states that children with peanut allergy seem to be more vulnerable to asthma whereas children without peanut allergy are less vulnerable to asthma. It's actually matching with the fact that asthmatic children is also more vulnerable to peanut allergy compared to those who aren't asthmatic. Sadly, asthmatic children are also vulnerable not only to peanut allergy but also to grass allergy, cat allergy, dust allergy, tree pollen allergy and many more. All of them can trigger asthma attack and cause the difficulty of breathing. That's why asthmatic children must avoid peanut and be very selective when choosing food to eat. Peanuts can be found in many dishes even it's in the peanut oil of course. That's why becoming very selective and knowing the exact substitute for peanuts are the best options.

4. Salt

Salt is one of the most important ingredients in the whole wide world. Without salt, our food will be quite plain and tasteless. However, sadly, salt can really make asthma worse. It's the sodium inside salt that can trigger asthma attack. Salt can also drain the body fluid and cause inflammation inside our body. Things can get even worse when you have asthma because the inflammation can affect the difficulty of breathing. The worst kind of salt is the processed salt on your table or the salt from fast food restaurant. If you have to avoid salt, just throw away your table salt, the one inside the shaker, and replace it with healthier kind of salt like the Himalayan pink salt. It has better mineral in it and it has less sodium so that it can prevent the asthma attack from happening. However, you can always leave behind the salt if your tongue is more adaptable to slightly plainer food. You can always use herbs and vegetables to get natural savory flavor and thus avoid the usage of salt.

5. Shellfish

For those who love seafood but have asthma, just please consider your health. It's believed that shellfish can trigger allergy and one of the result of allergy is asthma. Unlike the peanut allergy that normally attacks children, shellfish allergy mostly attacks adults. A lot of adults who have the allergy to shellfish like shrimp, crab, crayfish, lobster, oyster, clams, mussels, and also scallops will have bigger possibilities of getting asthma attack. That's why you need to avoid it. Shellfish can be found in many dishes and even you can have a soup and have no idea that the stock is shellfish stock. That's why you need to be very selective to choose what you eat and also avoid shellfish dishes.

Those are five foods that you really have to avoid in order to keep your body healthy and away from asthma. Make sure that you know what you eat especially if you have asthma. Again, knowing the foods that you must avoid to prevent asthma is incredibly important. Make sure you don't put your life at a stake by consuming all those foods above.

July 16, 2016

Causes and Treatment of Chronic Asthma Symptoms

Symptoms of chronic asthma are asthma symptoms that occur due to several factors or symptoms. One of the symptoms of asthma can be made into a congested chest. Tightness that occurs in the chest are caused by activities outside too much and too often done. Therefore, you should be able to reduce outdoor activity that asthma symptoms can be reduced. Asthma is a chronic disease that occurs due to blockage or infection of the respiratory tract and the disease can also be caused due to germs or bacteria that thrive in the respiratory tract. Symptoms of chronic asthma can happen to anyone. These symptoms can appear anywhere and anytime without any age restrictions. Therefore, you must always keep the body and the environment so as not to asthma. One of the causes of asthma is dust flying around your neighborhood. You will find it difficult to breathe and it can be dangerous. Treatment of chronic acid is already done in many ways. One way to treat asthma is to use natural ingredients. Asthma can also be treated with a treatment from medical personnel. When you treat asthma with natural ingredients, then you can get a more affordable price. Natural remedy for asthma can be found easily in the traditional market. Traditional medicine is cheaper than going to the doctor that cost a lot of money. How to prevent chronic asthma is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You should be able to arrange a time to rest, eat nutritious food and healthy and keeping the body is not too tired. Here are the symptoms of chronic asthma:

· Chest pain when breathing
Chronic asthma will cause pain in the chest when you breathe. This is certainly the case in people who have had chronic asthma. You should be able to maintain health by maintaining the food you consume. This disease can harm you.

· Difficulty of breathing Symptoms of chronic asthma will definitely cause you difficult to breathe. This is because asthma makes your respiratory tract pain. You have to maintain the health and hygiene of the body to avoid this disease.

· Asthma symptoms become more severe
This starch will occur when asthma is not treated appropriately. These symptoms will grow worse.

 · Respiratory flow into low
This usually occurs in patients who have severe asthma because the lungs are affected badly. You should immediately treat asthma from getting worse.

· Addiction of bronchodilator

Asthma is a chronic lead to the need to use a bronchodilator increases. This is because asthma can make existing respiratory muscle becomes dead.

As has been explained that asthma cannot be cured, this disease can only be controlled. How to control asthma can be done properly when asthma quickly detected and treated early on. Appropriate treatment can reduce symptoms of severe asthma. Below is a cause of asthma symptoms:

·Inhaling wood smoke or cigarette smoke.
·Breathe dirty air is polluted.
·Inhalation of sensitive material with breathing such as soap, chemical cleaning agents, perfumes, disinfectants, and so forth.
·Inhalation can cause allergies namely animal dander, hair, dust, and mold.
·Infections that occur in the respiratory tract such as bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, and cough.
·Exposure to hot or cold air
·Fatigue when doing physical activities like sports.
·Stomach acid moving back up into the esophagus.
·Sulfites exist in food additives such as wine.

Treatment of Asthma

Use of medication for asthma should be supervised by a physician. In general, asthma can be given two drugs are as follows:

 · Controller medications 
These drugs are used to control asthma in the long term and continuous basis. These drugs can reduce swelling in the lungs caused by asthma attacks. These drugs can be taken every day even though asthma was not attacking the patient.
· Rescue medications 
This drug is a medication used to control asthma in the short term. This drug is only consumed when you have asthma.

 The things below can be done to help reduce the incidence of asthma:

·Knowing asthma triggers and avoids those triggers.
·If you are a smoker, then you have to stop to smoke.
·If you have asthma, do not take cough medicine. Cough medicines cannot cure asthma symptoms, but these drugs can cause other symptoms that do not want.
·Do not just taking ibuprofen and aspirin when you have asthma because in certain cases the consumption of ibuprofen and aspirin can make asthma worse. Before taking this medication, you should consult a doctor.

Symptoms of asthma are a disease that has characteristics of trachea excessive response to stimuli and causes respiratory tract becomes narrower. Asthma symptoms are usually characterized by shortness of breath and coughing. Patients with asthma can be grouped into two main groups as follows 

· Extrinsic asthma 
 Asthma can occur according to the season is going on. Usually asthma can affect adults and children. Asthma is caused by allergens that are known specifically as dust, food, and pollen. An asthma attack can heal itself or can be cured when given anti asthma usual. Asthma is entered in the class of extrinsic easier to cure. Any normal person can experience symptoms of asthma due to various factors. Asthma is the most widely due to the dust or other pollutants. You can use this mask to prevent asthma. 

· Intrinsic asthma 
 Asthma is going to be more severe in patients aged 30 years and over. Asthma is caused by allergic unknown. Asthma can be caused by too strenuous physical labor, infection, cold air, and pollution. Symptoms of Asthma are more dangerous because it does not work when only treated with anti-asthma medication usual. Asthma symptoms can appear very quickly and a maximum of up to 2 hours. Asthma in this category could take the life of a person when it is not treated with appropriate and quick care. Treatment of asthma requires patience. 

Ways in which to treat the symptoms of chronic asthma can provide the following benefits: 
 · Control symptoms in chronic asthma 
· Prevent death because it is caused by asthma is a chronic 
· Maintain lung function normal 
· Overcoming the effects of the use because of drug consumption asthma · Treat respiratory tract, and many others. 

July 11, 2016

Symptoms of Asthma in Babies: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Maybe you've read a lot of articles about asthma in adults. This time, we will discuss asthma in baby. Asthma that occurs in babies start growing a lot in the past ten years so everyone needs to know about this disease in order to carry out the handling and prevention more quickly. The cause of asthma in adults and baby have similarities namely respiratory tract to swell. The swelling makes airways become sensitive. Signs of this disease are nasal breathing, mild cough, and a more severe disruption in breathing. Conditions sick baby will definitely make you feel anxious. If your baby's breathing difficulty, then the chances of your baby suffering from asthma is bigger. Usually baby exposed to asthma caused due to genetic factors. Baby who develop asthma are more dangerous than adult asthma attack. Babies who have asthma will get worse effect. Asthma is an inflammation in the bronchioles that occur in the baby's lungs. The doctor will take action to seek a diagnosis of asthma by identifying symptoms that occur in the baby's body and examine their family medical history who have asthma. Baby who experience asthma can be known armpit age of the baby remains under three years. This disease will make the baby experienced shortness of breath and allergic to dust, animal fur, eggs, milk, and pollen. For certain conditions, the disease can be characterized by a baby has eczema. If there's a family who had suffered from asthma, then the baby's risk of developing this disease would be higher. There are several factors that can trigger asthma in your child as follows:

· Your baby is in a place with people who smoke. Cigarette smoke makes your baby has a four times greater risk of developing asthma.
· The infant's mother was an active smoker and when pregnant mothers also smoked.
· Babies born prematurely.
· Both parents and one of the parents of babies have asthma.
· Your baby has a food allergy or other allergies such as eczema.
· Your baby stays in place moldy and damp.

Asthma is a long-term illness that requires proper medical treatment. Asthma may recur suddenly unexpectedly. As a mother, you have to know how to relieve symptoms caused by asthma and prevent this disease from becoming more severe. You can do the following to reduce the symptoms of asthma in your child:

· Babies who had consumed milk complementary foods should be given vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C.
· You must ensure that your baby doesn't have lactose intolerance because it can produce excess mucus and clogs the airways of your baby.
 · Don't put detergent or other chemicals near your baby's room because of all the chemicals can make your baby's airways become irritated.

Asthma in baby can be treated but not cured. But you can overcome the symptoms caused by asthma by going to the doctor, make plans or traditional medical treatment. Asthma in baby would damage the health of the baby. Especially if your baby has grown into children, then their activity will be disrupted because of asthma. If asthma is left untreated, the life of your child could be in danger. Common symptoms that occur in baby with asthma are cough, shortness of breath, chest muscles become tight, and when the voice sounded nasal breathing. Other symptoms are baby have trouble sleeping because of his breathing became short, a cough that gets worse when together with the flu, a baby suffering from bronchitis because of the respiratory tract is infected, and so forth. Asthma symptoms can be different in every child and these symptoms can be changed for the worse. Nasal voice is most commonly associated with asthma, but not all children who have asthma have nasal voice. There are children who have only one symptom such as a blockage in the chest or coughing that doesn't heal. Sometimes symptoms such as acid can be caused by other respiratory problems. In children who suffer from asthma, respiratory tract will experience swelling because the immune system is owned by the child is very sensitive when exposed to asthma triggers. Sometimes asthma symptoms can appear as a trigger is not clear. Muscles in the airways will constrict, thick slime will meet bronchial, respiratory tract to swell when the asthma. Triggers of asthma that occurs in children can vary as follows:

· Fur, mold, dust
· Viral infections
· Pollution of the environment
· Changes in the air
· Cold air

Conditions related to asthma are as follows:

· Rhinitis
· Sinusitis
· Gastro esophageal reflux disease 

This time can't be explained with certainty there are children who have asthma and there are children who do not have asthma, but it's possibly due to environmental factors and genetic factors. Children who have a family history of asthma sufferers can experience this disease. Environmental factors that can make the child suffered from asthma are obesity, exposure to cigarette smoke, their history of asthma in the family, low weight, air pollution, and allergies. There are steps that can be done to avoid the symptoms of asthma in your child such as avoiding asthma triggers, don't put your child on the side of people who were smoking or in a room full of smoke, and don't forget to consult with your pediatrician to do the planning to prevent asthma. You should always maintain the cleanliness in your home so that there are no factors that can trigger asthma symptoms in your baby. Babies who suffered from asthma should be in the room clean of dust and pollution that asthma symptoms do not reappear. Don't maintain a furry animals and let the animal hanging around in your home because the fur is flying can make your baby's asthma becomes severe. If you have some spare time, then you can read the latest articles on the treatment of asthma and all matters relating to asthma so you can work out ways of treatment is right for your baby. Asthma suffered by children requires special treatment. Asthma can't be cured, but the symptoms of this disease can be made lighter or even with proper treatment, asthma symptoms do not reappear.

July 08, 2016

7 Foods to Prevent Asthma

There are quite a lot of foods to prevent asthma, thankfully. Asthma is one of the severe health conditions that can attack practically everyone. When someone is having asthma, he won't be able to breathe properly and thus threatening his life. Thankfully, there are many methods to cure or at least soothe asthma attack including using asthma inhaler. However, you can always use the natural ingredients first to cure it. Below, there are 7 foods that you can use to prevent asthma. Those foods are very easy to find and probably available right now in your fridge.


One of the best foods to prevent asthma is apple. Apple is delicious and good for the health. More importantly, it can get you away from asthma. There are quite a lot of studies held to examine the goodness of apple for people who have asthma. It is believed that people who do not eat apple in daily basis has more than 30% risk of getting attacked by asthma. On the contrary, people who eat asthma every day is rarely to be attacked by asthma. It is believed that apple can prevent asthma because it has high amount of flavonoids inside it. This compound can open up the airways and thus preventing the asthma. Apple can be consumed in so many ways including as the way it is or juiced. Apple can also be incorporated in many desserts and even main courses.


Apple is good for asthma and so is orange. We know that orange is rich of vitamin C and also antioxidant. Luckily for us, both vitamin C and antioxidant is good to fight the asthma attack. Vitamin C and antioxidant can fight the free radicals. It then helps to protect the lungs and maintain the air flow on the lung. That's why people with high intake of vitamin C is not very often to get asthma. Conversely, people who consume less vitamin C have higher risk of getting asthma. Vitamin C can also be found in kiwi, grapefruit, tomatoes, broccoli, and so on. Oranges are very easy to find and it can be consumed in so many ways including to be eaten or juiced and drink. Oranges are also main ingredients in many desserts and sweets. So, basically eating oranges is delightful for anyone.


Carrot is good for asthma because it has beta carotene. Beta carotene is good for your eyesight and also good to prevent asthma. Beta carotene is capable to reduce the asthma attack and keep the body away from possibility of cancer and also Alzheimer’s disease. More importantly, carrot is very great to increase the immune system. So, the immune system of the body will be stronger if you consume carrot in daily basis. As the result, you will be stronger and less vulnerable to disease including asthma. Carrot can be found quite easily and it's very flexible to be eaten. Carrot can be boiled, grilled, or even steamed to cook. It has delicious sweet flavor and it can be a delight for anyone eating it.


It's believed that coffee can bring bad effect to people with asthma because coffee keeps you away from good night sleep and it's bad for asthma. However, the truth is actually quite on the contrary. Coffee is rich of caffeine and caffeine can help you to improve the airflow of the body. The airflow and airway function are deciding whether or not someone will get the asthma attack. Drink coffee in modest amount every day and you will get the benefit of getting away from asthma. However, do not over drink the coffee because it can get you troubles instead.

5.Flax Seed

Flax seed is rich of magnesium. Magnesium is great to boost the immune system and overall health so that you can get away from asthma. Flax seed is also packed with omega 3 fatty acid. This kind of substance can make the body healthy and the lungs even healthier. Magnesium in the flax seed is also capable to relax the bronchi muscles. It's the airways like the main airways and it needs to remain open so that airflow can go in and out smoothly. Magnesium is just the right substance to keep the muscles open and thus preventing asthma from attacking.


Garlic is not only good to make your meal delicious. It's also good to make the asthma disappears for good. Garlic is a natural anti bacteria. Inside garlic, you will also find anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic can fight free radicals and also soothe the inflammation inside the airways when asthma attacks. Garlic is also rich of antioxidant. That's why garlic is capable to fight the free radicals. It then helps to protect the lungs and maintain the air flow on the lung. You can simply add garlic in your daily meal. It's basically the ingredient of many dishes. If you like, you can always incorporate garlic paste in your stir fry or even soup to prevent asthma.


Avocado is rich of glutathione. It's a really important antioxidant for our body. It can help us to prevent the asthma because glutathione can fight free radicals. Avocado is always good for your health because it's a good fat. Good fat helps to keep the body healthy while giving you the proper energy and nutrition to keep you strong. You can always eat avocado in many ways including just scoop it and eat it or turn it into your favorite smoothie in the morning. Avocado can also be sliced and used as the topping of your breakfast toast. The most fun way to eat avocado is to make it into guacamole for sure. Guacamole is delicious and you can't tell that you are eating avocado at that moment.

Now that you know there are plenty of foods that you can eat to prevent asthma, you can always prepare to have to foods to prevent asthma in your house and eat them in daily basis.