June 04, 2016

Facts about Asthma That Might Surprise You

For the past couple of years, perhaps centuries, there are some ongoing debates on how asthma affects many people without seeing the age. Some researchers say that there are relation between asthma and genes, which lead us to know that the asthma is inherited. Some say that it might be caused by environment. That way, very logically, we can see the relation clear enough; pollution and free radical are the culprit, yet getting to fight them can make us tough too, which relates to our immune system.

Some also say that it's simply normal because of certain age. Well, looking at how we live and where we live now, it's almost not impossible to say that it's the world we live in, where pollution and free radical is free out there, letting us gob smacked by many diseases. However, getting to know these facts might also help us to see what we can do to prevent and to cure asthma. We can apply it to our children, our friends, or to ourselves. These are some following facts followed by some tips along with it, just to make sure that in every diseases, there is always a cure and treatment.

Factors to See

Clearly, there are some factors, giving a background to the asthma. Besides all the factors mentioned above, there are some that we might have never realized it before. Some of them include lifestyle and obesity. All the factors are joined together, and then it will make a perfect match of a cause, leading us to asthma. Pollution, free radical, lifestyle, and also stress can quite trigger this respiratory troubles. When the problems are rooted from the throat, the inner organs, and also the airways, we could always do anything to prevent it. But first, know the following facts.

Collecting the Facts

Fact number one; it relates to environment. Let’s just start this from one example. People who likely to swim indoor mostly tend to get a symptom of asthma. It can happen a lot to children. The factor is because the chlorine in indoor pool is a chemical substance that can cause a trouble on the airways through the nose. Why doesn’t it to be outdoor then? Well, in an outdoor pool, the chlorine, some of the substance, will be pulled back by the natural oxygen. The dangerous smell and effects will soon be mixed with oxygen and gone. As simple as that. It may trigger a respiratory disturbance.

Fact number two; it relates to the wheezing attention. For mum and dad out there, please make sure that your children is safe or not by paying attention to every single breath they take. It doesn't literally like that but here's the case; the asthma doesn't always mark with wheezing. It can be from just a dry cough, which we think is only cough. While in fact, it's not. Numerous reasons can be mentioned. However, paying attention to each of the movements would be a good move to take care of it. If this happens, doctors will be a good option as a first step.

Fact number three; related to the previous paragraph, after having a doctor to check it out, make sure that you also pay an attention to every words they say. Some doctors do not say it asthma. They instead call it as “reactive airway disease”. The words are not literally purposeful, but they are in purpose. Sometimes, many parents get shocked or even try to deny the facts. Words changing is aimed to take care of some mental breakdown, if there is any. However, asking about the detail would be a good movement, oh dearest parents.

Fact number four; have you ever heard that skin that is impacted by eczema can also be a culprit for asthma? This is very rare, indeed. But actually a pretty simple theory to understand. When the sensitive skin has eczema, the possibility of immune system to fight the germs of asthma won't be fulfilled. That's way, skin, as a good friend of respiratory could have been curing it. the skin and eczema is especially impacting airways, the only way for the breathe to come in and out. If it's disturbed then how? If allergic symptoms have been felt, then a fast treatment would be needed.

Fact number five; when you or your kids have an asthma, or some kind of activities, it's good to limit self from being too exhausted. But, please bear in mind that it doesn’t mean they have to stop their activities. Activities are fine and fun to do. If it is to add more immune system in one body, then why not? This is to actually get rid of those thoughts that you simply cannot do anything when you have asthma. It doesn't even near that. The more immune system is gained, the better the condition is supposed to be.

Fact number 6; getting rid of asthma might be a little difficult, but knowing that routine check up might help should make you a little relieve. Yes, it can. A check up every three to 6 months would be enough so far. When you consult, make sure that you ask the doctor about things you can do to prevent and cure you from asthma. After all, it will never be too late to try. Lifestyle needs to be changed as soon as possible. Clearly, the checkups can also be done by yourself, by maintaining all you consume and have every day.

Meeting the Conclusion

Asthma is a disease that relates to airways and respiratory that sometimes limit a body to breath properly. It can be cured and prevented though, by knowing some of the facts and factors behind it. It can also be a perfect guidelines when what you do is a healthy lifestyle. Apply it to your family and yourself would create a good environment inside or outside. Do not limit a healthy activity, a good one that can increase the amount of immune system. Have a happy life!

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