June 07, 2016

Learn the Early Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma happens when the bronchial tubes are inflamed and the sticky secretion production is increasing inside the tubes. The tightened airways for the mucus filling and inflammation will cause the sufferers experiencing asthma. The most common symptoms of asthma are such as cough at nights; wheezing; breath shortness; as well as pain, pressure and tightness in chest. The symptoms of asthma may be different in every sufferer. Besides, the severity may also be mild or terrible based on the condition of each sufferer.

Some asthma patients can live without suffering any symptoms even though the disease is extended. However, they will have periodic worsening of the symptoms, which is named asthma attacks. The periodic symptoms worsening could be different in every sufferer; it could be every day, during exercise, or when being infected by virus like cold or another.

The mild asthma attack happens more common; with the opened up of airways within some minutes to some hours. In severe attack, the symptoms will last longer and need medical assistant immediately. You should know mild symptoms of asthma so the severe symptoms can be prevented and easier to control the disease.

Early Symptoms of Asthma

Early symptoms of asthma can be seen by the changing before the asthma attack. It could start before the asthma symptoms that are known and the worsening asthma signs in the earliest time. In mild symptoms, the sufferers commonly still can do their activities. However, the signs should be recognized so the asthma attack can be stopped or prevented from the worsening. The early signs of asthma are such as: frequent cough at nights, breath shortness or easily losing breath, weak or tiredness when exercise, coughing or wheezing when exercise, moody, upset or tired feeling, lung function decreasing as measured in peak flow meter, signs of allergy or cold, and difficult to sleep. When the early signs have been gotten, then you should take more medication.

The Symptoms of Asthma Attack

Asthma attack is a condition of when the muscle bands surround the airways are started to tighten or so called Bronchospasm. It causes the airways lining inflamed or swollen and then the cells on the airways lining make more mucus in thicker consistency. The inflammation, mucus and bronchospasm become the factors that cause wheezing, difficulty to breath, breath shortness, cough, and also can’t do activities normally. Besides, there are also some other symptoms of asthma attack, such as:

- Terrible wheezing
- Unstop coughing
- Pressure or chest pain
- Breath rapidly
- Retractions; the tightened chest and neck muscles
- Difficult to talk
- Sweaty and pale face
- Panic and anxiety feeling
- Fingernails and lips look blue

The asthma attack symptoms should be recognized immediately because the severity can escalate quickly. Immediate treatment like bronchodilator or asthma inhaler should be has immediately before it is going severe and you can’t use a peak flow meter at all. The lung tighten will happen gradually in asthma attack and the air movement isn’t enough. In this condition, you need emergency care immediately.

Inadequate treatment for asthma will make the sufferer difficult to speak and the color of the lips will be bluish. The color changing is named Cyanosis; a condition when you have less oxygen in blood. The asthma emergency should get aggressive treatment to prevent consciousness or die eventually. Follow the emergency instructions in asthma action plan whenever the asthma attack happens. Medical attention is needed because it belongs to life threatening.

Asthma Symptoms in Children

Asthma is one of the chronic illness’ leading causes in children and is suffered by 10% - 12% of children in US. The asthma incidence in children is increasing steadily for unknown reasons. This health issue can start from any age, but mostly it starts in age 5. Sometimes, children who suffer asthma don’t get wheezing symptom besides the chronic coughing. When the cough is suffered with recurrent bronchitis, the asthma could be unrecognized.

Uncommon Symptoms of Asthma

As described above, asthma is commonly showed with common symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and also the breath shortness. However, the disease also could cause some unusual symptoms that look unrelated to the asthma symptoms. The uncommon symptoms of asthma could be such as breathing rapidly, fatigue, sighing, can’t do exercise property or so called exercise induced asthma, anxiety, nighttime asthma or sleeping difficulty, chronic cough, and/ or difficulty to concentrate.

On the other hand, the symptoms of asthma also look like the conditions of vocal cord dysfunction, bronchitis, and also heart failure. Because of the different symptoms that may happen in each sufferer, you should be aware of this health issue. Consult your doctor and also to those who suffer asthma for more information.

Infections that Cause Asthma Symptoms

The asthma trigger can also be caused by bacterial or virus infection inside your body. For example, when you got a cold virus. It could trigger the symptoms of asthma in you. Besides, asthma symptoms also can be triggered by the bacterial sinus infection. It is also a common condition when sinusitis is suffered with asthma in the same time.

For those who have suffered asthma, you should know the symptoms and signs of the infections in respiratory tract. It is important to call a health care provider soon so they can diagnose your health problems and give the proper treatment. For example, you might suffer some symptoms such as breath shortness increasing, breath difficulty, or bronchial infection that happens with wheezing. In those who don’t suffer asthma, the infection in bronchial may not cause the same symptoms. That is why you should understand your body and know the warning signs when the infection happens. Next, you should have appropriate medications as the doctor’s prescription so the infection can be eliminated and the asthma and health regain can be regain as well.

With a good treatment and the avoidance to everything that might trigger asthma symptoms, the worsening symptoms of asthma can be eliminated. Then you can live healthier and much longer with too often asthma attacks

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