June 05, 2016

Asthma, Sensitivity, and Some Toughness to Train

When we feel like we are out of nowhere, when we breathe, that is when we know that probably we will need more inhaler to help us out. Sometimes, we may ask to ourselves if it is possible for us to get impacted while our environment is super clean it even spots a black ant. Asthma is one condition where it is hard for us to breath. It feels very heavy when it comes to an inhale and exhale activity. When once we could not take it anymore, we have to be calm and sit down, calming the self and the body to stay okay for a while, to come back to proper breath.

We might think, at this point, that we are sensitive. The sensitivity might just kill us here and there. We even inherit it to our children. Once we might also think that the dirt and the germs are the main cause. After all, have we even looked closer that every creatures in this Earth are created in purpose? We will never be tough if we are not tested. We could never increase the amount of braveness inside when we never take risks. Same case happen when we never let ourselves brave to go outside and play with the soil and ground, our pets, or such. Have we ever thought about that?

What Are the Main Factors?

In this case, we need to see broader and clearer. We need to think about things we can do out there if we do not limit ourselves in probably certain yard. Blame on the environment, on the inheritance, and even on the lifestyle. Those main factors can be right, or not so right. Especially for environment, when actually, some examples such as pet and playing with soil can make our immune system tough. When our immune system tough, it can be a prevention from the guests called asthma to come. Basically, the main factors here are not really the culprit.

How Can Have a Pet Can Cure Asthma?

A research in United States has proved that pet can be one good fiend for human, not only as a friend, but also as a doctor. This is how it works. A pet naturally brings germ and some dirt inside or outside their body. Naturally too, the immune system of human can fight that, getting used to that. Because naturally, pets and humans are meant to join together. When it comes to asthma, the people or the children who have pet are more likely to have a healthy life, asthma-less, simply because they are used to the environment. Automatically, their immune system will be activated.

How Can We Free the Asthma?

The key is not to lock ourselves. We need to get out to have some of the best things outside. Sometimes, we have that paranoia inside we cannot even tell ourselves to go out. However, training ourselves to be tough could never go wrong, as long as it is still on the term of a normal one. Through sports, through swimming outdoor, through inhaling and exhaling the air from mountain peak, sensitivity can be cured. When it comes to your children, let your children play while you still have to pay attention to them.

How about Creating a Fresher Mental and Soul?

Is there any direct relation between asthma and the sun? It is. Asthma can be cured when our skin is healthy enough it does not get impacted from eczema which will lead us to a bad airways there. the healthy skin can be gotten through morning sun. Maybe, going out for jogging or biking at 5 o clock in the morning will not be harmful. Furthermore, all the stress we have kept can be freed by this. When we can control it, automatically, we also manage to take care of our breath and the way it works. Naturally, the way we treat ourselves can also help us getting rid of the sensitivity.

We also need to put a mental note to breathe better. Breathing better can prevent us from stress. When we look up and see that the things might have gone even worse, just breath and relax. Do not let the sensitivity and panic moment control us. We do not need that, do we? This is what can we call as self-healing. So yes, basically, asthma is not only about having a treatment from medicine, but also from our own mental. Finally, when we can control the self, we can manage to inhale better by having more space for our lungs to help us breath

What about Food?

We are what we eat; the phrase might be very popular. Have we once considered what it really means? Relating it to the asthma problem, we need to take a good care of ourselves through food. At least have fruits and vegetables in a daily basis. We also need to acknowledge that obesity can cause asthma. This is actually the point where we have to realize that less salt and less oil would be a very good option of ours. Maintaining the self is not only about soul and mental, but it is also about the body we have. Being slim is not the goal, but being healthy and breath freer is

Some Fun Facts

After reading the whole explanation above, we need to come up to one conclusion that can probably move us. Ones at a time, we need to be sure that we are in a state where our body is capable in handling some activities. This is for our body, after all. We are talking about sensitivity that can be trained. See the example when it is said that germs in pet can prevent children who snuggle them from asthma. Yet, pay attention carefully on how it works. A prevention it is. To train it is to get them used to when they are in a healthy condition. So far, for sure that sensitivity is not something to lock. It is something to embrace, to fight the asthma or the symptoms embodied.

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