December 12, 2016

Understanding Adult Onset Asthma

Asthma is a condition of lung disorder that make lungs inflammation and swelling appears. Data from National Heart, Lung, Blood institute, there are about 25 million people in United States that suffer asthma and there about 7 million from the sufferer is children. Asthma is often and common appears in childhood, but it can develop in any age, even adult. Adult onset asthma is asthma disease when the disease is appears in adult. There are many cases that show adult asthma sufferer triggered when they get allergies.

Asthma can bout anyone at any age. There are several groups of people that have higher risk for getting asthma such as people that have family history with asthma, people who have history for allergies, people who are smoking or live with smoking people, and people who live in urban areas. Asthma itself has been categorized into four types depend to the frequency of symptom that experienced and measurement objectives. The categories include into:
· Mild intermittent
· mild persistent,
· moderate persistent
· and severe persistent
The doctor will determine to the types of severity your asthma. It's important for you to determine and control your asthma that depend to the frequently symptom you experience. The category also can change from one category to others.

Diagnosing Adult Asthma Onset

There are several conditions that you need to suspicious if you're suffering adult onset asthma. The condition includes medical history and symptom that you experience. Here's how your doctor can diagnose whether you're diagnosed with adult onset asthma or not.
· Medical history, breathe listening and symptom experience.
· Make medical lung function test by spirometer. This will measure how your lung function is by counting air that patient exhale after take deep breath and count how fast for empty the lung. Before test, the patient should take test use short acting bronchodilator.
· Take methacoline test. This is test for diagnose asthma by perform if the symptom and the test with spirometers test not give clear result about diagnose.
· Use chest X-ray test. With this ray, the body image is result and it can use for diagnose wide range conditions from the reflected body image start from broken bone into bronchitis.

There are several conditions that also associated with asthma. The first is asthma and allergies. There are many people with asthma is suffer with allergies too. But not all of allergy people also have asthma. However, this doesn't means all asthma sufferer has also allergies. Allergy is not a disease that comes after birth. But this especially develops if you have genetic or family history with allergies. If there are parents that have allergies, their children have potentially 75% get allergies too. GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease is condition when people experience ordinary heartburn. The acid reflux will trigger the asthma symptom for result such as coughing. If asthma medication is not work well for the asthma symptom you experience, then you can ask further doctor diagnose whether you're suffer from acid reflux disease.

When adult get asthma, the symptom become persistent typically. There are requirement for daily treatment due to for keeping the asthma symptom and the triggered always in control. There are about 30% from asthma adult case is causes by allergens. Between adult that develop asthma women are likely develop it after 20s and there's higher risk when develop asthma while you're obesity. There's report that asthma attack mainly appears in adult after age 65 based on CDC report. If you're diagnosed with asthma, you should tell anyone that related and contact with you. This will very help when your asthma symptom appears or you have asthma attack. This will make people around you quickly help you or give you medication when you get asthma attack.

Higher Risk Group of Adult Asthma Onset

This is group from people that have higher risk for experience adult asthma;
· Women that experience too often hormonal changes. This women includes those who pregnant and others that experience menopause.
· Women that take medication with estrogen following into menopause within 10 years or longer from it
· People that have virus attack or illness, for example flu and cold
· People that have allergies especially allergy to cats
· People that have disease of GERD, the chronic heartburn that accompanied with reflux
· People that exposed with environment with irritants agents such as dust, mold, perfume, smoke, tobacco and others

The irritants that trigger symptom of asthma called with asthma trigger.

Treatment and Prevention for Adult Onset Asthma

For treating adult onset asthma, there are two treatment that patient can choose or from doctor option. The first is quick relief asthma and long term asthma control that able for adult and childhood asthma sufferer. The quick relief asthma medication is method for ease the symptom that appears because attack of asthma or the flare up. In addition long term asthma medication is use for ease the asthma symptom and swelling for preventing asthma attack for period long time. Long term medication is take regular or schedule. Most of asthma sufferer use combination from both medications types for treats their asthma.

If you're asthma sufferer, then you need to make action plan with doctor and choose the best treatment for you. Help your doctor for planning treatment you need by tell them the point that you need for increase treatment for controlling, measuring, and prevent and reduce asthma attack. Make a list that possible trigger your asthma and what the best to take for prevent and cure it. After that, share the result and discuss with your friend, family or caregivers who close and make contact with you to help you live better with your asthma. When you have proper planning and plan, this will help you for prevent asthma attack appears. There are many people includes sport lovers are live with their asthma and get healthy lives with best nutrition for asthma and still take exercises. Asthma affects in different ways, therefore, important for always maintenance your asthma well.

December 11, 2016

Escape from Asthma with Jerry Ericson’s Asthma Free Forever

For its sufferers, asthma can be either debilitating or killing. A successful escape from asthma is thus necessary not only to avoid losing happiness and productiveness, but also to evade Grim Reaper’s mortal blow. People with asthma can practically escape from the disease’s incapacitating symptoms if they have full knowledge of it and all asthma triggers that may spark asthma attack and worsen the condition. Jerry Ericson’s Asthma Free Forever is designed to be an intuitive eBook that comprehensively discusses about all aspects of this disease and the best drug-free solutions to escape from it. Asthma Free Forever can be the best guide that you need now if you're struggling with asthma.

What Is Asthma and Why Do You Need to Escape from It?

Asthma is an inflammatory disease that causes breathing difficulty, including shortness of breath and breath lost. When asthma attack occurs, the bronchi, or air passages to the lung, and bronchioles, or narrow and branching tubes inside the lung, become inflamed, constricting the passages through which air can travel through the lung. This constriction causes people with asthma to struggle when breathing. The difficulty of breathing can be so severe that there is as if no air that goes out and in to the lung. In this situation, there is usually nothing that the asthmatic people can do except resting or looking for emergency help.

Why must asthma attack be prevented? Asthma is obviously debilitating. When asthma attack occurs, any activities that you're doing have to cease and you have to seek immediate help to deal with the problem. Oftentimes, you have to take some rest after the attack to stabilize your physical condition and to get yourself fully relieved. The period during the attack and a long while afterwards will be your resting period during which you cannot do any productive activities.

Losing precious time and productivity, however, is not the biggest reason why asthma attack must be avoided. Asthma is not only debilitating, but also potentially killing. More than 250 million people around the world are suffering from asthma today and more than 500,000 of those people have died in 2016 due to asthma attack. Asthma is a silent killer that should not be treated lightly. The biggest reason why you want to avoid asthma attack is because you simply want to save your life.

What Is Jerry Ericson’s Asthma Free Forever?

Jerry Ericson’s Asthma Free Forever is a brief, intuitive and comprehensive book that tells you everything about asthma, its triggers, and its solution. It's brief to give you shorter time to comprehend it fully. It's intuitive to allow you to understand its content and to practice everything that it instructs with no trouble. It's so comprehensive that it covers everything about asthma and leaves no stone unturned. The author is an asthma sufferer who has been struggling with all incapacitating asthma symptoms since childhood. This book is a compilation of everything that he has learned about asthma and all effective strategies that he has discovered and practiced not only to cope with his condition, but also to conquer asthma completely. If you wish to know everything about asthma and how to prevent it from ruining your life, this book is the best guide that you're looking for.

What Can You Achieve with Asthma Free Forever?

The tips provided by Asthma Free Forever might not be as conventional as you may think. As a sufferer of chronic asthma for 30 years, Jerry Ericson has obviously tried every conventional solution to solve his problem, including medical treatments, medications, and therapies that are normally prescribed to asthma sufferers. Jerry admits that few to none of those conventional solutions work. The book is a result of his long and arduous quest to find the best solutions for asthma. Some tips found in the book might be common tips that you often hear, but there are a lot of unique and potent tips that you rarely find in other books about asthma. Many of those tips are solutions that even your doctor rarely tells you about. Here are some unique features that Asthma Free Forever offers.

1.Natural and holistic asthma treatments that don’t always rely on drugs but are regarded as safe and effective even by medical professionals
2.Asthma solutions that are similarly potent to or better than medical treatments without the latter’s side effects
3.A lifelong solution that solves the supposedly incurable respiratory disease for the rest of your life
4.A relatively costless asthma solution that everyone can afford
5.A solution that not only gets rid of your asthma and its symptoms, but also strengthens your respiratory system
6.Asthma solution that allows you to enjoy a happy, healthy and productive life.
7.The holistic nature of the treatments allows effective cure not only of asthma, but also many other health problems people often suffer.

Asthma Free Forever is compiled based on Jerry’s personal life experience. It's a comprehensive story comprising how to live with asthma, how to detect asthma triggers, whether asthma is curable, diet and asthma, and many other things you want to know about asthma. Get this guide, learn about its tips and practice them and asthma should not be a problem anymore for you.

What Are the Perks?

Asthma Free Forever is designed to guarantee customers’ concord and satisfaction when using the guide to escape from asthma. A 60-day money-back guarantee is provided so that customers have 100% confidence that the guide will really work for them. The guide is also designed to be cost-effective. Much cheaper than conventional asthma treatments that may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, the book is only tagged at $37. Customers who buy the book will also get 7 additional books that are designed to improve the overall quality of their life. With Asthma Free Forever, there are so many great things that you can achieve in your life. Asthma won't be as debilitating and threatening as it used to be.

Testimonial 1

Fighting asthma has always been daunting for me. I’ve used bronchodilator, taken drugs, followed doctor’s advices, and even used some alternative medicines recommended by my coworker, yet none seems to fulfill my remedial needs. I wouldn’t say that they don’t work. They are simply not as effective as they should be based on the information that I get. Worse yet, some medications and treatments actually do more harm than good to me. Here I talk about side effects, contraindication, and the drugs’ unknown yet spine-chilling effects to pregnant women like me.

The first time is see Jerry’s book, I see nothing special about it. If I can get professional advice from my doctor, who is undoubtedly the most proficient with health issues, especially mine, why should I try to get advice from some unknown book written by some unknown author with unknown experience in medicine? My skepticism, however, doesn’t last very long. When I read the book’s advertisement, the information about the book is so compelling that I feel the need to get one. However, it's not the ad that causes me to make up my mind—everyone can make a great advertisement for a low-quality product right? The appeal actually lies on the book’s price, which is barely comparable with the cost of a fancy dinner. Losing $30 is not a big deal right? Furthermore, the author promises that I can get my money back if the book does nothing beneficial as promised within the next two months. There is a lot of time to read the book and to practice its guide. There is a lot of time to prove whether this book is as potent as advertised or not.

So begins my journey with Asthma Free Forever. As I said earlier, I don’t expect much from the book when I buy it, but as I dig it page by page, my interest in its content grows and I begin to be immersed in it. The book is so brief yet comprehensive that I can actually finish it in two days without missing anything from it. In just two days, I can say that I understand everything that the book instructs me to do.

The real question is, does the book really work? Overall, I can say that the book actually talks about lifestyle improvement that is specifically tailored to the needs of asthmatic people. Avoiding pollutants, keeping healthy diet, and controlling body weight are common things that you generally do to improve your lifestyle, but the book actually gives emphasis to several aspects of this program that are designed to help people live amiably with asthma. One of the chapters in the book is titled living with asthma, so it basically guides people like me to treat asthma not as the worst omen, but as a manageable condition. Does the book really work? Jerry, who is asthmatic since childhood, seems to know how to convince people like me. After doing what he instructs for a while, I dare say that my asthma is no longer as enervating as it always is.

Testimonial 2

John Smith
In my life, there is one standard that I always keep: that no remedy outside the medical world is working for treating diseases. To fight my asthma, I only trust everything that my doctor prescribes me to take and commands me to do. Using inhalers, taking salbutamol, avoiding smoking and smokes, and installing air purifier are the most reasonable things that I can do to guard myself from asthma attack. For me, alternative medicines, anything Chinese, and everything pseudoscientific are unthinkable and highly unlikely choices for my remedial needs. So you can imagine how I respond when my friend shows me a link to Jerry’s book. “Natural remedies for asthma” and “curing asthma without drug” are uncanny words for me. They make the book appear suspicious or even fake. The only reason to buy the book is because I don’t want to hurt my friend’s feeling, not to mention that the price is also cheap for a casual reading. Besides, despite my skepticism, I'm curious enough to find out what are actually the so-called natural remedies for asthma. Physically, I cannot tell that the book is thick or thin, as it's an electronic book, but by looking at the number of its pages, I can say that it's not too thick for lazy readers like me.

The first chapter talks about the general information of asthma, which I, as an asthmatic, am already familiar with. I do not get fully enchanted by the book until I hit the second chapter, with its catchy title living with asthma. I've lived with asthma for years, yet the content of this chapter feels so new for me. So far, I believe that asthma attack occurs intermittently and sporadically without known causes. The book tells me that there are actually triggers that I can control, that I can manage my condition if I keep diary of it and list all triggers that can potentially spark the attack. The book tells me that asthma attack doesn’t occur sporadically. There are definite causes for it—things that I can actually avoid. The book also tells me that asthma triggers aren’t always physical. Asthma attack may also occur if I experience emotional and mental disturbance, such as during stress. There are many new things about asthma that I learn from this chapter and the ones after that. Suddenly, I feel that the book is truly enlightening. Despite its being relatively thin, it actually covers many asthma-related topics that are not only obscure for me before, but also helpful for my asthma management.

How can the book be helpful for me? To start with, the book basically tells about natural remedies, but there is actually not any bizarre, unconventional and pseudoscientific thing in it. It talks about diet, lifestyle improvement, and proper management of asthma attack, which are obviously beneficial for controlling asthma and living amiably with it. So when it says that it can overcome my asthma problem without relying on drugs, I can confidently say that the book keeps its promise in the best possible way.

Testimonial 3

I've been living with asthma since my childhood, and I dare say that my life has never been easy. I was bad at school and I was bad at work. Asthma attack has always been so troublesome that nothing in my life seems right. Asthma drugs, treatments and therapies are undoubtedly abundant, and I've always been relying on them especially during emergency situations when my asthma strikes. My inhaler and asthma-relieving drug do work in saving my life when things go really bad. However, my consciousness tells me that constantly relying on drugs is not a healthy lifestyle. Besides, some side effects, including diarrhea and dizziness, and intermittent asthma attacks due to improper use of albuterol have truly caused much problem for me. For years, I’ve been in an arduous quest to look for the best asthma solutions that don’t heavily involve the use of drugs. My quest seems to reach a definite goal when I discover Jerry’s book.

So far, I only know two worlds in asthma treatment industry: the world of conventional medicines approved by doctors and other medical professionals and the world of alternative medicines in which I find herbal and some Chinese medicines that are not always approved by conventional medical organizations. My tendency has always been to use conventional medicines as alternative medicines often have eerie effects that I don’t fully know. The first time I see Jerry’s book and the natural drug-less jargon that it uses, I almost think that it's just another alternative nonmedical approach to treat asthma. My conviction is proven to be false as none in Jerry’s book actually violates medical conventions.

Some advices that I get from Jerry’s book, such as how to avoid asthma triggers and why my asthma gets worse, are advices that my doctor also gives, but there are actually a lot more advices that are rarely given by any medical professionals that I've consulted but still reasonable and plausible. Advices like the importance of avoiding stress, improving diet, and exercises tailored especially for improving asthma are advices that doctors, who focus solely on asthma medication and treatment, often omit from their recommendations. When I find them in the book, I feel like enlightened as those approaches are not only designed specifically for asthma sufferers to control their condition, but also to improve their overall lifestyle. Reading this book is comparable to having a doctor, a nutritionist and a fitness trainer as my personal consultants at the same time, all of whom are collaborating to help me live better with my asthma.

Does the book work for me? To start with, the book is so intuitive that I can understand its content through only one read-through. There is hardly unnecessary word written in the book and I can comprehend every topic in the book without having to read the same spot over and over again. As a reading, the book works excellently. I've been practicing what is written in the book for two months now and I can say that the frequency of asthma attack has been greatly reduced, so I can also say that the tips the book gives to me also work excellently.

Testimonial 4

Asthma has truly ruined my life. I can hardly do my tasks efficiently and I feel that I've become so ugly and anorectic that some friends have started to feel pity for me. The period during asthma attack is especially the worst moment in my life. I have to leave my job early and I have to take a complete rest for the rest of the day. There is hardly an exciting day-off for asthmatic people like me. All this suffering now begins to wane after I read Jerry Ericson’s book and follow his tips.

If find Jerry’s book on some online advertising website which, for most internet users, is one of ignorable websites. Very rarely people pay attention to the content of such website. However, for desperate asthmatics like me, everything is usable, so after skipping all advertising claptrap and bombast on the page, I click on the buy button at the bottom of the page. The book’s price barely touches the $40 ceiling, so I believe that it's far from being expensive and wasteful for me, though I still think that the book is a little bit overpriced given the fact that the author only spends money for advertising it online and spends none for its printing and publishing. When I buy the book, it's bundled with seven additional books with titles that appear promising, though in the end, I believe that Jerry’s asthma book is the one that I need. Another consideration for buying this book is its 2-month money-back guarantee. Even if I consider myself a desperate asthmatic, I still have to be reasonable. Making my suffering more severe by being tricked by a scam is obviously not a clever idea. The money-back guarantee makes sure that I can get my money back if the book turns out to be a scam.

Desperately looking for the best solution, I skip the first chapter that basically talks about what asthma is, which I'm already familiar with. I jump directly to chapters elaborating asthma triggers, tips and strategies to live with asthma, and lifestyle changes, including diet management and exercises, necessary to keep asthma attack at bay. Jerry has made information written in his book as brief, intuitive and comprehensive as possible to allow lazy readers like me (because I don’t have much free time to read when asthma overwhelms me so much) to understand it completely in as short as possible time. If find its content so informative and practical that while reading it, I can already picture everything that I must do after finishing reading the book.

It has been a couple of months since the first time I practiced the book’s instructions. My asthma has become much easier to handle than it used to be. Asthma attack rarely occurs and within the last two weeks, I never experience such attack at all. I’m still practicing what the book tells me to do right now and overall, I can say that the book really works in helping me cope with asthma better than ever.

Testimonial 5

Jerry’s book might not be the first holistic solution for my asthma problem, but it's definitely the best. I've been living with asthma for years. Because many of my colleagues and relatives tell me that drugs actually bring more harm than good to me, I rarely use medications except an inhaler that I use only during emergency situations when asthma attack occurs. For years, I've been looking for alternative medicines that are regarded as effective for treating asthma but neither inject harmful chemicals to my body nor cause unwanted side effects. There are hundreds of such medicines out there and I practically have tried many of them. Because alternative medicines are hardly acknowledged by the medical world and there are few scientific researches that guarantee their efficacy, I'm fully prepared to accept that fact that some medicines that I try won't be as efficacious as advertised. Sadly, there are actually some medicines that are not only non-efficacious, but also detrimental to my health because those allegedly natural medicines actually contain preservative that can be dangerous when I take them. Since then, I’ve become more alert when I want to try a new medicine.

When I read Jerry’s book, expectation and alertness mix in my mind. I have full expectation that Asthma Free Forever can truly free me from asthma forever; however, I'm also aware that I've to be very cautious because the book may advertise a certain product with unknown safety feature. After I start reading the book, however, my concern begins to wane because it's actually not a certain book about a certain product. Conversely, it's a book that gives me many advices which I believe that even the most seasoned medical professionals agree. The book is mostly about lifestyle improvement that helps me cope with asthma. In other words, the book tells me that in order to control my asthma, I must accustom myself with healthy habits; eat only foods that improve my health and reduce the likeliness of asthma attack; avoid not only physical asthma triggers like pollen and dust, but also emotional ones, like stress; and treat asthma as a controllable handicap, not as a threatening nightmare. Overall, the book tells me to be a smarter and wiser person when handling asthma, more optimistic with my condition, healthier with my new healthy habit, and happier with my new ability to live amiably with asthma. There are recommendations to consume healthy herbs, but not uncanny herbal medicines, and to live naturally, but not with unknown supplements that are allegedly natural but actually contain toxin that will worsen my condition.

I can say that Jerry’s book does work. It's easy to read and to practice and the instructions written in it are not only doable, but also efficacious. Of course only people who can faithfully follow its instructions can reap tangible benefits from it; however, considering that those instructions are easy, I think that almost every reader of the book can practice its instructions just like I do.

December 10, 2016

Knowing Asthma for Children; the Symptom, Causes and Treatment

Asthma in children is disease that can be overwhelming to diagnose due to the different patterns of symptom that appears in children. For diagnosis asthma in children, there are rules for doctor for diagnose. Doctor will ask the medical history first, allergies signs, and the physical exams include laboratory test. If you are suspicious if your children get asthma, you can keep the track and record from these symptom;
· Symptom; how often the symptom occurs, when and location the symptom appears, how long the symptom last and how it go away.
· Allergies signs; whether the children or other families have history of allergies.
· Illness, how often the children get cold, the severe and the time that the symptom appears.
· Trigger, know what children are experience the symptom after they experience stressful events, life changes and even others that lead this child into flare condition.

The pre-condition information beyond can help doctor for diagnose asthma and the pattern of symptom. Your children will diagnose with asthma when there is condition of;
· There is periodically reduction of airflow in the lungs that caused by airways that narrowed.
· The reduces airflow is partially reversed.
· Other diseases and body conditions that also take rule part in the symptom.

Children Asthma Prevalence

Asthma itself becomes common chronic disease in childhood stage. The children asthma is increase with such conditions include allergy, atopic dermatitis, allergies to foods, and have hay fever. Based on the CDC date, there are about 8,5% from pediatric population that affected with asthma. There are about 7 million children that affected with this disease. There are several common signs and symptom that parents can aware for their children if they are suspicious for asthma presence. The common signs that appear for asthma attack are coughing with wheezing.
· Coughing is common appears frequently in this case. If this coughing only appears as symptom, this called with variant cough asthma.
· Wheezing is a condition with high pitched sound of whistling that appears as result from turbulence of airflow in along narrowed airways.
· The others symptoms that most appears include breath difficultness, tightness sensation in chest and poor exercise IQ.
·Be aware with symptom that becoming worst in the night. Usually, night cough is common. If your children have asthma, it is important for avoid from these trigger and worsening causes of asthma such as:
· The infections in respiratory and colds
· Allergy agents such as dust, pollen and any foods
· Hard activity or exercise
· Exposure with smoke cigarette or other irritants agent
· Gastrointestinal reflux

As parents, it is important for knowing conditions that means emergencies condition for asthma attack. The signs that need consider taking your children to emergencies room are;
· Hard to breathing and the abdomen is sucked into under of rib
· Trouble for speak because the breathing is restricted that make the airflow difficult

Treating asthma for children under 5 years old

Diagnosing children under age 5 years can be overwhelming rather than the older one. When children are still young and infants, the general symptom for asthma such as over coughing and wheezing can be means with other conditions. In addition, the standard diagnostic test those do for measure asthma for children is not accurately enough for diagnosing asthma less than 5 years. Therefore, there are several medications that are unable for manage asthma for children and infant and preschool children. Test that can be done for your children to diagnose asthma includes;
· Laboratory test that involves blood test, allergy test and X-ray.
· Examine for further medical history. The medical history include to the question such as the frequency of the symptom that appears, if there are history of asthma disease in the family, how often frequency of difficult breathing occurs, allergies food question, bee and pollen allergies and many more.

If you think that the asthma symptom that your children experience is severe, then you need contact your pediatric for getting the specialist asthma for next healing treatment. There are several types of medications that need to take for controlling asthma. The right type and amount from the medications will prevent the side effects that common appear. The treatments include:

Medication long term control

This medication also called with maintenance medications. This is approach that use for take long term persistent asthma control. The medication is recommended for children who have asthma symptom that worsening in certain times of year. This medication types includes;
· Inhaled corticosteroids. This is the most medications that use for asthma medications for long term medications. The medication includes the anti-inflammatory such as asmanex, alvesco, flexhaler, and fluticasone.
· Leukotriene modifiers. This is considering as second addition treatment with corticosteroid inhaled. The use of this medication should consult with specialist as montelukast and zileuton that contain in the medication linked to the psychological side effects includes depressions, agitation, aggressions, thinking of suicidal and hallucinations.
· Inhalers combination. This is medication that inhaled with corticosteroid and long lasting beta agonist ((LABA). The medication with LABA is often linked with attacks of severe asthma. The LABA medication should give only for children as they use medication that combined with inhaler combination used corticosteroid. This combination medication will less the occurred of severe asthma symptom appear.
· Theophylline. Daily medication that reduce the asthma symptom by opening the airways. This medication is less to use in recent years.

Quick Relief medication approach

This is medication also called with short bronchodilators that provide instant relief for asthma and it can last for four into six hour. The most common medication that use in this method is albuterol. The others are levalbuterol and pirbuterol. Although it is instant medication for asthma, this still need long term asthma medication. The asthma will not control if they just use quick asthma relief. Rely on your children asthma with quick relief medications will puts your child in risk of attack of severe asthma in future. For children that have allergy disease, your children require to take immunotherapy for induces asthma allergy. The medication deliver includes metered inhaler, dry powder inhalers and nebulizer.

December 08, 2016

Foods that Should be Avoided by Asthma Sufferers

Are you an asthma sufferer? If yes, you must have known or learnt why this condition attacks you. Rather than calling asthma as a disease, it's basically a disorder within your respiratory tract. For asthma cases, the tract is being tightened so that there are times you find it so difficult to breath. Another cause is due to the mucus or other secrecy residue that are clogging the air tract. When this condition is allowed when you're relapsing, it can give ore terrible effects. In other words, quick handling must be done.

Another important thing that must be known by every asthma sufferer is related to the food intake to be consumed daily. Well, everybody basically must apply such a healthy lifestyle. But for someone with a certain disorder like asthma, it seems their healthy lifestyles should be increased twice than normal people. Even, it's much better to avoid certain foods that are able to make asthma attack simple relapse. So, what are the foods to be avoided by asthma sufferers? Here they are.

Anything Containing Sulfite

There are actually only 20% of all the sufferers who have an allergic with sulfite. However, it's much better for you to avoid consuming it. At least, you only need to consume it when you think your body is really in a good condition. Sulfite can be simply found in some fermented and processed foods or ingredients let’s say asparagus, syrup, pickles, confectionery, wine, tea, processed juice, and soy products.

Frozen Shrimp

Many kinds of frozen or preservative foods are indeed not really suggested to be consumed daily even for healthy people. Moreover for the asthma sufferers, it's much better not to consume it too often. One of them is shrimp. The sulfite containing within frozen shrimps commonly available in supermarket is really not good for your health. Particularly if you consume it in a large amount, it can trigger the feeling throttle on your lungs.


Nuts are kinds of foods that must be avoided by the asthma sufferers. This is because nut tends to give bad effects for the health of respiratory tract, even just for a piece. You should also pay attention to the products processed from nuts like in the form of jam, sauce, and even cakes. If you think your asthma is quite acute, it's much better not to consume them at all.


Fruits are basically much recommended for asthma sufferers. But it's not for this one. Yes, vitamin C contained in each orange is actually really good to increase your immune system. Unfortunately, the acid is also able to give problem to your respiratory tract. For normal people, it can cause something like itch on the throats. However, for asthma patients, it can be more terrible than that. The acid can trigger your asthma.

Dried Fruits

Other types of fruits that must be avoided are those which are already dried. It's actually okay if you're in a good condition. However when you're not fit enough or you think your asthma is already acute enough, it's much better not to consume it. So, what kind of dried fruits in our surroundings? Raisins, dried apricots, and cranberries are some of them. Indeed, they are so tasty to be added on your daily intake like cakes.

Soft Drink

In term of drinking, the one that doesn’t have side effect is actually only pure water. But of course, sometimes you must want to taste something else. Well, if you're an asthma sufferer, there is one kind of drinks that you should better avoid, it's soft drinks. As you know, soft drinks contain more preservative ingredients and even chemical substances which are not really good to be consumed even for healthy people. For asthma patients, those ingredients are able to disturb your respiratory tract.

Certain Oils

There are some kinds of oils that you should not add while cooking. Sure, it's mainly for you the asthma sufferers. Those oils are vegetable oil, sunflower oil, and corn oil. In short, be aware with oils made from plants, except virgin coconut oil which is even suggested for people with respiratory diseases.

Meat Products

We can't deny that our daily life can't be easily separated from dishes made from meat. But you have to know as well that meat products can bring some healthy problems. Even for the asthma sufferers, meat products are those that should be avoided particularly on times when it relapses. Unfortunately, not only meat, for some cases you should also avoid other animal products like eggs and milk.


It's much better to lessen your Natrium consumption. One of the big amounts of Natrium is presented in the Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). The Natrium is better to be avoided by asthma sufferers as it can simply cause a respiratory problem. More than that, MSG is also containing many kinds of preservative substance which tends to give many bad effects to our health. Using natural spices while cooking is much better actually, whether you're healthy or not.

Fried Potatoes

Similar with some other types of food, potatoes contain a small amount of sulfite which can be functioned as a trigger of respiratory problems. The sulfite containing can be added by the way of cooking or processing itself. Frying is considered as one of the worst ways to process potatoes. Not only is it adding the containing of sulfite, it also adds cholesterol and saturated fat. That’s why, it's better not to consume fried potatoes in order to avoid asthma relapsing.


Alcohol is basically never good for our health except if it's consumed in a very small amount when you're really in a good condition. Of course, it means asthma sufferers really need to avoid consuming it too often. The substances contained in alcohol can simply aggravate your condition even if you're already not relapsed. To lessen your stress, it's much better to take more sleep or do anything you really like rather than drinking alcohol.

December 07, 2016

Tips to Avoid Asthma Relapsing

Asthma is one of the respiratory disorder caused by the pipe of air which tightens in your throat. As a result, the pipe is swollen and there's also additional mucus that is really disturbing. The sufferer then experiences some difficulties particularly in breathing or inhaling normally. More than that, there it's common for them to suffer other troubles like cough, chest pain, and producing sound while breathing. Although it's often considered as a light health disorder, the sufferers find it's more difficult for them to do their daily activities. For that matter, looking for solutions to avoid it to be relapsed is very important. There's a saying that asthma itself is a sort of disorders which can or cannot easily to cure. However, the symptoms can be controlled so that the impacts won't be too painful and disturbing.

Almost similar to other diseases, asthma is not coming so suddenly. There are actually some signs appeared before it's being increased into such an acute disease. The most common problem experienced by the sufferers is regarding the lateness to be diagnosed. It's often only because the patient feels lazy or dreadful to go to the hospital to check their own health up. If you have experienced some symptoms like feeling difficult to breath normally, having influenza in a long time, and those problems are really disturbing you even to go sleeping, you need to be suspicious if it's asthma. Then, to cure or avoid it to be the “real” asthma, you can do some followings tips.

Keep Your Body and Environment Clean

It sounds cliché but yes if you want to be healthy; being always clean is an important thing to keep. Just after you wake up in the morning, you need to directly clean your bedroom particularly the bed. Make sure that your bedcover, pillows, and others are free from dust, mites, and others that can make your asthma relapses. Within your hectic schedule, you need to make time to wash all your interior fabrics regularly. If it's possible you can do it at least once a week. The cleanliness is basically lessening the moist of your room. Therefore, it simply avoids any virus, fungi, bacteria, and other kinds of germs to grow up. Oh well, when you clean your room or house in general, don’t forget to wear mask and do that activity when you think you are really in a fit and healthy condition.

Arrange the Air Circulation Well

Fungi are considered as one of the trigger of asthma in general. Therefore, to lessen that possibility, you should arrange the air circulation of your house very well. It's so good to grow many plants outside to keep your environment clean and refreshing. The presence of plants and clean air is really good for your health, even when you let them to enter your house. Even for the bathroom, you still need to keep it dry by letting the air and sunshine circulate well.

Avoid Using Chemical Substances in Daily Activities

Undeniably, many products we use in our daily life must contain things so-called chemical substances. And this is something which can't be avoided easily. There are indeed chemical substances which are safe enough for your health. However, there are many of them which are not. As information for you, asthma patients are commonly really sensitive with certain substances. Healing them too often can trigger allergies. It's better to learn any products you want to use. If there's a sharp smell that makes you feel disturbed, it's better not to use it.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is really a bad habit. However, it's undeniably that many people are really not aware about that. Well, once you find yourself an asthma sufferer, you need to avoid it in your lifetime. The common problem is maybe if you are the passive smokers. Indeed, in some cases, being gathered with the active smokers is something which is not easily avoided. If this is your problem, let the smokers know that you suffer asthma is important. The final option is by not gathering with them for the sake of your health. You can also take advantages of no-smoking room when you are already in public facilities.

Avoid Stress

Stress is basically a source of any kind of diseases. For that matter, make sure you are always in a good condition. So, what should you do? The simplest thing is by managing your own schedule. Even if your job is so hectic, you still need a daily spare time to take a rest. You must also take advantages of your holiday to do whatever you really like, like take a trip or maybe just simply play your favorite video games.

Avoid Cold

Many asthma sufferers can't be in the cold place. Well, it's really good if you then avoid going there as long as it's not really important. However, the problem is when you really need to face it. As you know, winter already comes or probably you must take a trip to Alaska or somewhere. If you can't avoid it, the, all you need to do is preparing yourself. Of course, as you may know for a long time that you have asthma, you must have a pack of medicine. Even you may need to provide more medicines that you commonly have as the preparation. Don’t forget to prepare very warm clothing so that your winter or your cold trip can be more comfortable.

Avoid Having Pets

Okay, many people love having pets and so do you? So, what should you do? Actually the best thing to do is not having them at all. But if it's so difficult for you can trick it by not letting your cats or dogs enter your house. Sure, you still need to take care of them and let them clean. Feed them good food so that their fur won't remain everywhere. Lastly, prepare vacuum cleaner to clean the place where they commonly play