February 26, 2016

How To Cure Asthma Naturally

Asthma is a condition of difficulty breathing and includes into lung diseases. The asthma condition is able to chronic or acute. The asthma attack is occurring when there is flow obstruction of air in the lung. The recent studies from Asthma Claims that there are about 5000 life of asthma in United States. Having asthma means, this is lifetime struggling to breathe normally. The bad side effect from prescription drug such as inhaled corticosteroids includes decreased bone density, poor growth, chicken pox, cataracts, glaucoma, and others more adding more depression for asthma sufferer. They aren't able to do active activity since it able to trigger asthma attack.

Asthma Early Warning Signs

· No feel hungry
· Feel tired or have trouble in sleeping
· Often have health trouble with cough
· Get often headache
· Get dark circles in your under eyes
· There is sensation of wheeze and very weak or very tired when doing exercises.

The cough disease that doesn't go away could lead to asthma. To indicate whether the cough that asthma coughs or not, asthma coughs usually hacking and dry. It's better for you to avoid take cough medicine since it doesn't have better impact for you. You also able to measurable any change in breathing. Asthma can triggered with allergens such as mold, mites, dust, and pollen. Some others such as cold air, viral illness, emotional stress and exercise also play role. Some asthma sufferer also gets asthma from heredity factors. Some people react with certain chemicals or additives in foods when they have asthma such as nuts, dairy product, preserve foods, wheat, and certain food coloring.

Cure Your Asthma with Natural Treatment

When you consider cure your asthma with natural treatment the most important thing that you need to consider is checking it first with your doctor. There are some natural products such as bee pollen that able to trigger asthma attack especially when you have specific allergic. The natural treatment of asthma are depend to key aspects; reduce allergic exposure, reduce the sensitivity and spasticity airways of the lungs, balance the allergic/ inflammatory pathways in body, and correcting nutrient imbalance in body. Otherwise, you can manage your asthma that make you able to control and treat your asthma.

· Get accurate asthma diagnosis from your doctor that makes you able to develop your asthma action plan that work well base on your asthma condition.
· Monitor peak flow rate in daily and track your asthma symptom and use of medication.
· Avoid the trigger of asthma such as smog, outdoor and indoor pollution, cigarette smoke and others.
· Avoid any food additives and processed foods. Asthma diet should emphasize with completely organic food as possible. Decrease the refined carbohydrates and heavily starches. Food allergies are most common with people with asthma. Food allergies can detected with blood test or food challenge.
· Check for medical advice if there is worsen asthma symptom such as allergic, sinusitis and GERD.
· Eat nutritious food that boosts immune defense system against viral and bacterial infections that trigger asthma. Nutrients that important for asthma sufferer include Vitamin C, B6 and B12, selenium and molybdenum. Vitamin B and molybdenum react to reduce the sensitivity of sulfites that common aggravates asthma in 5-10% of asthma sufferer.
· Try eating smaller with frequently meals and do not eat before you go to bed. The upward of stomach migration can cause heartburn that able to trigger asthma. If you consider for some natural method for your asthma, you can do several things below.
· Take herbs and natural dietary supplement. There are several herbs, plants and supplements that available for asthma relief.
· Take yoga for your stress remove, help you to control your breathing
· Acupuncture is other asthma relief that can reduce asthma attack, improve breathing.
· For natural remedies, you can add ginger with honey in your drink.

Always consult with your doctor before you take any herbs, plants to any called natural remedies for your asthma. If you experience side effects such as vomiting, anxiety, skin rashes, nausea, heartbeat in rapid, stop the herbal product and consult with your doctor immediately.

Take deep breathing can reduce the asthma attack frequency. Commonly, when people get asthma attack, they become anxious and harder to breathe. With practice these ways often, this will lead to breathe freely.

· Lie with your back in carpet and place a book in beyond of stomach. Inhale gently and deeply but keep your chest by not expand it. Instead, expand the abdomen. The use of the book, to monitor if you breathe in right way, when the book rises up, it means you breath in right.
 · Just when you think, it has reached the capacity, take little more air to see the book raise higher. Exhale gradually by counting slowly into five. More exhales means you get more relaxed. Repeat at least 5 times.

Investments for Your Asthma Natural Healing

As it stated that when you consider having natural ways curing your asthma you need to ensure that the ways is safe for you. The Asthma Free Forever is the safe, natural and solution permanent for you to cure your asthma or beloved with asthma

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· The program is affordable and it's effective cure treatment for asthma that able to strengthen the whole respiratory system in your body
. With this nature asthma treatment, you are able to have healthy and active lifestyles that enhance your life quality.

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