February 05, 2016

How to Treat Children with Asthma

It will be so sad if your beloved children are diagnosed suffered from asthma. The problem is that sometimes you are too late to know about it. As the result, your beloved children have to follow a lot of treatments and medicines to reduce their asthma. So, before it's too late, it's better for you to recognize whether your children are suffered from asthma or not. If it's so, you can just treat it earlier to prevent worse side effects.

The Symptoms of Asthma in Children

The first thing to know is the symptoms of asthma in children itself. If you know the symptoms you can make earlier prediction. The main symptom is of course related to the breathing. If they are suffered from asthma, they will breathe faster and louder than normal breathing per minute. You also need to be sensitive with your children. Children who are suffered from asthma will also suffered from coughing. The frequency of coughing is worse when they are active such as running or playing with their friends. The next symptom is runny nose and fever. Because they fell uncomfortable, later they will be not too active whether when they are playing with their friends or school activities

Medication Asthma Tests for Children

The best way to know whether your children are suffered from asthma or not, is by taking them to the doctor. Here, they will have clinical diagnosis. You might be worried especially if there's a history in your family who also has asthma. It's also a must for you to bring your children to the doctor especially when they are suffered from allergy which makes them difficult to breath. If your children are suffered from bronchitis over and over again, you have to be worried that they have asthma. So the best way is taking them to the doctor and make sure whether they are suffered from asthma or not. There are several medical tests which have to be done by your children:

- Spirometry Test 
This test is a breathing medical test. The function of spirometry is to know the work of your lung. Not all children can do this spirometry test. This type of test is commonly used for 5 years old children.

- Exhaled Nitric Oxide or FeNo Test 
This test is airway inflammation test. Just like the name of the test, Exhaled Nitric Oxide test is done to know whether there's a problem in the airway in the body. If there is something wrong it means that your children are diagnosed as asthma sufferer. This test is also used for 5 years old children. 

- Impulse Oscillometry Test 
This test is taken to make sure that there's no problem with lung or airway system. Actually, it's similar to Spirometry and Exhaled Nitric Oxide. The different is that Impulse Oscillometry test is used for children under 5 years old who can’t take those two tests above. 

- Peak Flow Meter 
The condition of lung is very important to know whether your children are suffered from asthma or not. Peak flow meter is a device which can measure whether the lung is normal or not.

Asthma Medication for Children

The problem started when your children are diagnosed as asthma sufferer. Of course, you have to remain calm. You may glad because it's known earlier so you can treat your children faster. The good news is that there are also several medical treatments you can do for your children to keep them away from asthma.

- Cortisone medication 
This medicine is good for anti inflammatory. It's considered as the most effective medicine and it's a common thing if cortisone medication used as the first medication for children who are suffered from asthma.

- Medicines 
You can give albuterol to your children to relief the symptoms of asthma. As the result, your children can get their normal breath back just like before. In different case, you can also give certain medicine such as mometasone, salmeterol, montelukast, and many more to your children. Those types of medicines are useful to reduce the inflammation problem caused by asthma.

The Causes and How to Prevent Asthma

There are several causes why children can suffer from asthma. For your information, the cause can be from you as the parent and the environment. Newborn baby can be suffered from asthma if you are a smoker. The problem is that if you don’t stop smoke even in your pregnancy period. There's also a case that a family who has asthma history will also have a baby who is suffered from asthma. On the other hand, environment has an important role as the cause of asthma. For example, if you are living in an area which full of pollutant. The pollutant can be absorbed by your children and slowly but sure, your children will have asthma. This is also strongly related to the climate change. The best way is keeping the immune system of your children so they don’t get easily sick. To keep them safe and comfortable, you need to know how to treat your children when they are at school. For example, don’t forget to bring asthma inhaler.

Before that, you also need to make sure that the teachers know that your children are suffered from asthma. Don’t forget to make asthma action plan or asthma diary for your children so you know the condition of your children day by day. It's better to keep them away from something which triggering asthma at school. Meanwhile, you also have to ask your children to take a walk in the morning. Just try to make sure that they breathe the morning fresh air. If you are a smoker, you have to keep away the smoke from your children otherwise their asthma will be worse. Don’t let them stress with their condition and make them life as comfortable as they can although they are suffered from asthma. Hopefully, after several medical treatments and daily treatments, they can be free from asthma and get their healthy condition back. So, this is the reason why you have to check their health condition earlier.

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