February 05, 2016

Things to Do To Keep Away from Asthma Attack

Do you have a problem with your breathing? If it's so, you have to be worried because there's a possibility that you're suffered from asthma. For your information, asthma is related to the condition of lung. In specific, there's a problem with the muscles around the lung or airways system which is squeezed tight. As the result, you're having trouble with your breathing. If you have such kind of problem, it's better for you to go to the doctor to check the condition of your lung. Now, let’s learn a little bit about what you have to do to prevent asthma and what you should do if you are asthma sufferer so it doesn’t getting worse day by day.

The Way to Keep Away from Asthma

Just be glad if you still have normal breathing. But, it doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want. It's better to keep away from asthma. Actually, there are several things you can do so you can keep your health as well as your lung away from asthma.

- Stop Smoking 
There's no other way! If you really want to free from asthma, you have to stop smoking. The ingredients as well as the smoke are dangerous for your health especially your lung. If you're having problem with your lung it means you will be suffered from asthma.

- Just Make Yourself Relax and Calm 
For your information, stress has a relation with the condition of your metabolism. If you are in stress condition, you will be uncomfortable and unhealthy. Definitely, it can also affect your breathing system. If you don’t control your emotion and stress, there's a possibility that you will be suffered from asthma.

- Diet 
Besides stop smoking, you also need to control your eating habit. It's better to eat healthy foods. Healthy diet program is the best way to keep you away from asthma. You need to know that there's no specific diet to prevent asthma or asthma sufferer. But, by doing diet program earlier, you can reduce the risk of suffering from asthma. Diet makes your metabolism health including your lung and of course your breath.

- Exercise 
To keep your lung health and free from asthma, you can just do several exercises. The best exercise to keep you away from asthma is swimming. Just do it regularly because swimming treats your lung. If you don’t have time to go swimming because you have to go to public swimming pool, you can do different type of exercise. For example, you can do specific exercise such as running, walking, jogging, and many more. It's free and you can do it in your free time. Moreover, you can also do such kind of exercise outdoor or indoor. It seems that you have to do it outdoor sometimes so you can also relief your stress tension.

Things to Do for Asthma Sufferers

Now, how about if you are suffered from asthma? You don’t need to worry because it's not the end of your world. What you have to do is keeping yourself away from something which triggers asthma attack. Actually, you can also do several things to life normally although you are asthma sufferer.

- Keep away from something which can cause asthma attack
There's a case that asthma can cause because of allergy of something. The asthma will attack you if you get closer with the allergen. The allergen which can trigger your asthma is including flowers, pets, dusts, air pollution, smoke, and many more. Because of that, it's better to stay in a healthy surrounding. You have to clean your living area regularly to prevent dust or pollution. Don’t forget to wear masker while cleaning your area so you don’t have to absorb the allergen. Hopefully, by doing such kind of action you can do your activities normally although you are suffered from asthma.

- Control your foods 
Don’t underestimate the food which you eat. This is because there are several foods which can trigger asthma attack. It's better for you to know what kind of foods you need to avoid by the suggestion from your doctor. Generally, specific foods such as egg, milk, peanuts, fish, and shrimp can be the allergen which causes asthma attack. It's better to change those allergen foods which some healthy foods including fruits and vegetables.

- Control your emotion 
Asthma can attack suddenly because of your emotion. Mostly, you will get asthma attack when you are anxious, angry, or fear. What you need to know that those emotions lead you to stress condition. As the result, it disturbs your normal heart rate and breathing system which trigger asthma attack.

- Preparing for weather changing
Asthma can be attacked you because of the weather. Let say, in extreme cold weather, you tend to suffered from asthma. If you can’t avoid the extreme cold area, it's better to prepare everything which makes you comfortable and away from asthma. For example, you can wear jacket or anything which makes your warm. Don’t go outside if it's not urgent condition.

Asthma Action Plan 

It's true that you will have hard time to live with asthma but you have to prepare everything well. Preparing everything well helps you to live better with asthma. For example, it's a must for you to prepare asthma action plan. Asthma action plan is including preparing asthma inhaler in your bag. Don’t let the asthma inhaler because you will have asthma attack anytime. Moreover, you also need to know what kind of action you have to do if asthma attacking you. In this case, you have to stop any kind of action you are doing. Just remain calm and relax while managing your breath. Then, take the asthma inhaler. If the asthma inhaler doesn’t give significant result, it's better for you to call emergency or ask a help from your friends to go to the closer hospital. It's also better not to do hard or heavy activities which can trigger asthma attack.

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