December 08, 2016

Foods that Should be Avoided by Asthma Sufferers

Are you an asthma sufferer? If yes, you must have known or learnt why this condition attacks you. Rather than calling asthma as a disease, it's basically a disorder within your respiratory tract. For asthma cases, the tract is being tightened so that there are times you find it so difficult to breath. Another cause is due to the mucus or other secrecy residue that are clogging the air tract. When this condition is allowed when you're relapsing, it can give ore terrible effects. In other words, quick handling must be done.

Another important thing that must be known by every asthma sufferer is related to the food intake to be consumed daily. Well, everybody basically must apply such a healthy lifestyle. But for someone with a certain disorder like asthma, it seems their healthy lifestyles should be increased twice than normal people. Even, it's much better to avoid certain foods that are able to make asthma attack simple relapse. So, what are the foods to be avoided by asthma sufferers? Here they are.

Anything Containing Sulfite

There are actually only 20% of all the sufferers who have an allergic with sulfite. However, it's much better for you to avoid consuming it. At least, you only need to consume it when you think your body is really in a good condition. Sulfite can be simply found in some fermented and processed foods or ingredients let’s say asparagus, syrup, pickles, confectionery, wine, tea, processed juice, and soy products.

Frozen Shrimp

Many kinds of frozen or preservative foods are indeed not really suggested to be consumed daily even for healthy people. Moreover for the asthma sufferers, it's much better not to consume it too often. One of them is shrimp. The sulfite containing within frozen shrimps commonly available in supermarket is really not good for your health. Particularly if you consume it in a large amount, it can trigger the feeling throttle on your lungs.


Nuts are kinds of foods that must be avoided by the asthma sufferers. This is because nut tends to give bad effects for the health of respiratory tract, even just for a piece. You should also pay attention to the products processed from nuts like in the form of jam, sauce, and even cakes. If you think your asthma is quite acute, it's much better not to consume them at all.


Fruits are basically much recommended for asthma sufferers. But it's not for this one. Yes, vitamin C contained in each orange is actually really good to increase your immune system. Unfortunately, the acid is also able to give problem to your respiratory tract. For normal people, it can cause something like itch on the throats. However, for asthma patients, it can be more terrible than that. The acid can trigger your asthma.

Dried Fruits

Other types of fruits that must be avoided are those which are already dried. It's actually okay if you're in a good condition. However when you're not fit enough or you think your asthma is already acute enough, it's much better not to consume it. So, what kind of dried fruits in our surroundings? Raisins, dried apricots, and cranberries are some of them. Indeed, they are so tasty to be added on your daily intake like cakes.

Soft Drink

In term of drinking, the one that doesn’t have side effect is actually only pure water. But of course, sometimes you must want to taste something else. Well, if you're an asthma sufferer, there is one kind of drinks that you should better avoid, it's soft drinks. As you know, soft drinks contain more preservative ingredients and even chemical substances which are not really good to be consumed even for healthy people. For asthma patients, those ingredients are able to disturb your respiratory tract.

Certain Oils

There are some kinds of oils that you should not add while cooking. Sure, it's mainly for you the asthma sufferers. Those oils are vegetable oil, sunflower oil, and corn oil. In short, be aware with oils made from plants, except virgin coconut oil which is even suggested for people with respiratory diseases.

Meat Products

We can't deny that our daily life can't be easily separated from dishes made from meat. But you have to know as well that meat products can bring some healthy problems. Even for the asthma sufferers, meat products are those that should be avoided particularly on times when it relapses. Unfortunately, not only meat, for some cases you should also avoid other animal products like eggs and milk.


It's much better to lessen your Natrium consumption. One of the big amounts of Natrium is presented in the Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). The Natrium is better to be avoided by asthma sufferers as it can simply cause a respiratory problem. More than that, MSG is also containing many kinds of preservative substance which tends to give many bad effects to our health. Using natural spices while cooking is much better actually, whether you're healthy or not.

Fried Potatoes

Similar with some other types of food, potatoes contain a small amount of sulfite which can be functioned as a trigger of respiratory problems. The sulfite containing can be added by the way of cooking or processing itself. Frying is considered as one of the worst ways to process potatoes. Not only is it adding the containing of sulfite, it also adds cholesterol and saturated fat. That’s why, it's better not to consume fried potatoes in order to avoid asthma relapsing.


Alcohol is basically never good for our health except if it's consumed in a very small amount when you're really in a good condition. Of course, it means asthma sufferers really need to avoid consuming it too often. The substances contained in alcohol can simply aggravate your condition even if you're already not relapsed. To lessen your stress, it's much better to take more sleep or do anything you really like rather than drinking alcohol.

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