December 10, 2016

Knowing Asthma for Children; the Symptom, Causes and Treatment

Asthma in children is disease that can be overwhelming to diagnose due to the different patterns of symptom that appears in children. For diagnosis asthma in children, there are rules for doctor for diagnose. Doctor will ask the medical history first, allergies signs, and the physical exams include laboratory test. If you are suspicious if your children get asthma, you can keep the track and record from these symptom;
· Symptom; how often the symptom occurs, when and location the symptom appears, how long the symptom last and how it go away.
· Allergies signs; whether the children or other families have history of allergies.
· Illness, how often the children get cold, the severe and the time that the symptom appears.
· Trigger, know what children are experience the symptom after they experience stressful events, life changes and even others that lead this child into flare condition.

The pre-condition information beyond can help doctor for diagnose asthma and the pattern of symptom. Your children will diagnose with asthma when there is condition of;
· There is periodically reduction of airflow in the lungs that caused by airways that narrowed.
· The reduces airflow is partially reversed.
· Other diseases and body conditions that also take rule part in the symptom.

Children Asthma Prevalence

Asthma itself becomes common chronic disease in childhood stage. The children asthma is increase with such conditions include allergy, atopic dermatitis, allergies to foods, and have hay fever. Based on the CDC date, there are about 8,5% from pediatric population that affected with asthma. There are about 7 million children that affected with this disease. There are several common signs and symptom that parents can aware for their children if they are suspicious for asthma presence. The common signs that appear for asthma attack are coughing with wheezing.
· Coughing is common appears frequently in this case. If this coughing only appears as symptom, this called with variant cough asthma.
· Wheezing is a condition with high pitched sound of whistling that appears as result from turbulence of airflow in along narrowed airways.
· The others symptoms that most appears include breath difficultness, tightness sensation in chest and poor exercise IQ.
·Be aware with symptom that becoming worst in the night. Usually, night cough is common. If your children have asthma, it is important for avoid from these trigger and worsening causes of asthma such as:
· The infections in respiratory and colds
· Allergy agents such as dust, pollen and any foods
· Hard activity or exercise
· Exposure with smoke cigarette or other irritants agent
· Gastrointestinal reflux

As parents, it is important for knowing conditions that means emergencies condition for asthma attack. The signs that need consider taking your children to emergencies room are;
· Hard to breathing and the abdomen is sucked into under of rib
· Trouble for speak because the breathing is restricted that make the airflow difficult

Treating asthma for children under 5 years old

Diagnosing children under age 5 years can be overwhelming rather than the older one. When children are still young and infants, the general symptom for asthma such as over coughing and wheezing can be means with other conditions. In addition, the standard diagnostic test those do for measure asthma for children is not accurately enough for diagnosing asthma less than 5 years. Therefore, there are several medications that are unable for manage asthma for children and infant and preschool children. Test that can be done for your children to diagnose asthma includes;
· Laboratory test that involves blood test, allergy test and X-ray.
· Examine for further medical history. The medical history include to the question such as the frequency of the symptom that appears, if there are history of asthma disease in the family, how often frequency of difficult breathing occurs, allergies food question, bee and pollen allergies and many more.

If you think that the asthma symptom that your children experience is severe, then you need contact your pediatric for getting the specialist asthma for next healing treatment. There are several types of medications that need to take for controlling asthma. The right type and amount from the medications will prevent the side effects that common appear. The treatments include:

Medication long term control

This medication also called with maintenance medications. This is approach that use for take long term persistent asthma control. The medication is recommended for children who have asthma symptom that worsening in certain times of year. This medication types includes;
· Inhaled corticosteroids. This is the most medications that use for asthma medications for long term medications. The medication includes the anti-inflammatory such as asmanex, alvesco, flexhaler, and fluticasone.
· Leukotriene modifiers. This is considering as second addition treatment with corticosteroid inhaled. The use of this medication should consult with specialist as montelukast and zileuton that contain in the medication linked to the psychological side effects includes depressions, agitation, aggressions, thinking of suicidal and hallucinations.
· Inhalers combination. This is medication that inhaled with corticosteroid and long lasting beta agonist ((LABA). The medication with LABA is often linked with attacks of severe asthma. The LABA medication should give only for children as they use medication that combined with inhaler combination used corticosteroid. This combination medication will less the occurred of severe asthma symptom appear.
· Theophylline. Daily medication that reduce the asthma symptom by opening the airways. This medication is less to use in recent years.

Quick Relief medication approach

This is medication also called with short bronchodilators that provide instant relief for asthma and it can last for four into six hour. The most common medication that use in this method is albuterol. The others are levalbuterol and pirbuterol. Although it is instant medication for asthma, this still need long term asthma medication. The asthma will not control if they just use quick asthma relief. Rely on your children asthma with quick relief medications will puts your child in risk of attack of severe asthma in future. For children that have allergy disease, your children require to take immunotherapy for induces asthma allergy. The medication deliver includes metered inhaler, dry powder inhalers and nebulizer.

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