May 05, 2016

Asthma Medication for Long Term Control

Having asthma can be hard for people but they have to deal with it. For dealing with asthma, it means that people have to find the right medication which can be used for helping them get quick relief of the asthma attack or symptoms. It's something which can't be decided alone of course because people have to consult with the doctor first for getting the right diagnosis for their condition. After making the right diagnosis, the doctor usually will give the medication according to their condition. There will be the medication which will be used for treating and even preventing the asthma attack or symptom. It's necessary of course because the asthma attack can give great suffering for people. Nevertheless, people can't imagine if they have to deal with the same asthma attack over and over again for the rest of their life. They will also need the medication which can help them control their asthma in long period of time. Hopefully after taking the medication, the asthma attack will not occur too often. It must be useful for improving their quality of life for sure. As for the asthma medication in long term, there are some options which can be offered.

Inhaled Corticosteroids

From various kinds of medication which can be taken by people with asthma, inhaled corticosteroids become one option for long term control. The drug has anti-inflammatory function which can give the most effective result. It's used commonly for asthma medication in long term control. The asthma attack will make people suffer from the swelling as well as tightening in their airways. This condition will be reduced with inhaled corticosteroids. The maximum benefit of this medication can be found after people take it for several months. There are some options of inhaled corticosteroids which are offered in the market from fluticasone or Flovent HFA to flunisolide or Aerospan HFA. However, the use of the inhaled corticosteroids in long term will bring side effect of growth delay in slight level. In fact, the great benefit which can be found from the use of this medication for controlling the asthma is bigger than the risk. If this medication is used in regular basis, it will be useful for keeping the asthma attack and conditions associated with asthma which is controlled poorly in check. There's no serious side effect which can be found from using the inhaled corticosteroid such as irritation in mouth and throat as well as the yeast infection in mouth.

Leukotriene Modifier

The symptoms of asthma are caused by the chemicals in the immune system which is called leukotrienes. For blocking the effect of the chemical so the symptoms of asthma can be prevented or treated, people should take leukotriene modifier medication. By taking this medication, the symptoms of asthma is able to be prevented for about 24 hours. There are some options of the medication which can be found in the market including the Montelukast or Singulair, Zafirlukast or Accolate, and Zileuton or Zyflo. There's kind of rare case with the use of montelukast anyway. It's connected to the psychological reaction such as the thinking of suicide, depression, hallucination, aggression, as well as agitation. If people think that they have the reaction which is unusual after taking the medication, they have to see the doctor as soon as possible.

LABA or Long Acting Beta Agonist

Next, the asthma can be controlled in long term with bronchodilator medication which is called long acting beta agonist or LABA. The medication will be useful for opening the airways. The swelling which is caused by asthma attack or symptom can be reduced for 12 hours at least. The medication will be used in regular basis for controlling the asthma with moderate to severe level. It will also be useful for preventing the symptoms which appear during night time. The medication comes with effective result but the medication is associated with the asthma attack with severe level. That's why this medication will be taken when it's combined with the inhaled corticosteroid. There are some options of LABA which can be found including salmeterol such as serevent and formoterol such as foradil and perforomist.


This is type of bronchodilator medication which comes in the form of pill. It can be consumed in daily basis for treating the mild asthma. The medication will show the function for relaxing the airway as well as decreasing the response of the lung to the irritants. If people have difficult problem with the night time symptoms of asthma, they can get great relief from this medication. One thing which people should remember is the fact that this medication should be consumed with the right dose. They need to ensure the right medication dose and it can be done by taking the regular blood test. The right dose must be ensured because there is potential side effect which can be caused by the consumption of this medication. The side effect is varied including the gastro esophageal reflux and also insomnia.

Combination of Inhalers

People can find the medication for long term asthma control which can be taken separately. However, they are also able to find the combination of inhalers which contains corticosteroids as well as long acting beta agonist. Once again, long acting beta agonist usually won't be used alone because it will be combined with other medication for asthma especially the corticosteroids. There are some options of combination which can be found such as the combination of salmeterol and fluricasone which can be found in Advair Diskus for instance. There's also another option of medication such as Symbicort which comes as combination between budesonide as well as formoterol. People can find the LABA medication in this inhalers combination so there is possibility that the risk of experiencing the asthma attack with severe level can be increased when people use this medication type. That's why it's crucial for making sure that the medication is used in caution for preventing the higher risk of severe attack of asthma.

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