May 09, 2016

How to Deal with Asthma During the Winter

When the winter comes, magical series happen to the world. Snows are everywhere and as far as you look, almost everything is covered in white. But winter is a hard time for those who are suffering from severe diseases, including asthma. Not only common cold and flu, two kinds of illnesses people usually experience when winter and temperature gets cold and dry, but asthma in some ways are also triggered. Since this freezing season is a very difficult time to live, some exercises are considered not to but if patients insist to do several sports, then there are certain things to notice. Also there will be some tips to follow for patients with asthma during the winter.

Why does Asthma get worse when winter?

It’s already difficult for people with asthma to breathe at general times, and it could get worse when the winter comes and greets them. But why winter has so strong effects to asthma? Is really winter giving the bad, hard experience to the patients? Winter is the time where the air and temperature get cold and dry. This situation then leads to a second reason, where sinus infections and respiratory infections may occur commonly. These infections can't be ignored as they can aggravate asthma attacks or asthma symptoms. That's why people with asthma aren't allowed to do outdoor sports during the winter

People tend to stay indoors during the winter. The air is getting cold and normally they will turn on the heater so weather inside gets warm and nobody gets common cold and flu. But what happen with those who are suffering from asthma? Will they get better and warmer? Staying indoors isn't a perfect solution to cope with their problem. When the heater is on, it produces poor air quality even blocks air circulation because doors and windows are closed against the chill.

Exercises and winter asthma

Exercising regularly helps people a lot! It helps to improve metabolism, strengthen bone, boost mood, and etc. It also gives a chance for asthmatics to breathe easily by improving lung capacity, known to be a significant part in controlling asthma. Since winter is the hard time to deal with, asthmatics need to notice several things. Both indoor and outdoor exercises are allowed to do yet indoors are preferred. If you insist to keep practicing outdoor activities, then you need to prepare a scarf or a knitted face mask. This stuff is aimed to protect your nose and mouth from breathing the air strictly and directly. The air will be moistened before coming into your lungs. It's not recommended to warm up and cool down outside. It's better to do inside as it can assist your lungs to work better and be ready for exercises. Patients with asthma during the winter will face such a difficulty in breathing. That’s why you need to carry and use the rescue inhaler for 10 to 15 minutes right before doing outdoor activities. Lungs will be open, and it shall be easy to breathe.

Tips to deal with winter for asthmatics

Really, you can't do something carelessly when you have asthma and the winter is coming! The cold weather occurs for months and surely you need to know some things so asthma couldn’t get worse. Hands, by the way, are the starting point for people get infected by diseases easily. For instance, if we don't wash hands properly and in right ways, more likely we will be suffering from illnesses like diarrhea. Standard steps of washing hands are really required by everyone, especially asthmatics to keep them away from catching colds and viruses. Asthmatics need to wash hands frequently and it's strongly recommended to use sanitizers containing alcohol and moist towelettes. Kids should be taught the methods, too in order to decrease the risk of spreading germs

Everyone agrees that sitting by the fireplace makes you warmer. It sounds so exciting especially you are drinking a cup of hot chocolate and reading a book. How sweet it is! Unfortunately, someone with asthma can't be forced to enjoy such situation. The burning wood has the same bad effect with the burning tobacco. It produces smoke which is hazardous for asthmatics as lungs can be irritated. So staying away from the fireplace, though it's beautiful to enjoy, is the best way. 

Heating system at your house isn't frequently used. It's mostly used when the winter comes and you get cold. Within the time when heating system is not really effective, dust and debris somehow attached to it. Once you turn it on, the system probably releases them. Asthmatics are really sensitive with dust and debris, so the best way is cleaning the heating system before activating it. It could be summer as the time to check and clean the filters occasionally. This way is done to keep asthmatics away from winter asthma. Consistently you need to set the humidity and temperature levels at home. This tip is expected to be the best way to protect someone with asthma during the winter.

Work out, walk with dog, or just walk around the residence, everything you do outside, you need a bronchodilator. Before going out and feel the cold, you need to use this healer for at least a half-hour. Inhaler is really effective and useful to open lungs and give additional protection. Speaking of preventing asthma to get worse, an action plan to avoid the risk of asthma symptoms is needed to create. The action plan must consist of details of how to manage asthma occurring for a long term and ways of how to deal with situation when asthma suddenly attacks. Someone with asthma during the winter should know when to visit the ER and when to call doctor.

In creating a treatment plan so it could work well and be effective, you need doctor’s help. Once the plan has been made, it's really necessary to follow no matter what you are doing. It's not recommended to ignore the treatment as it's good to help asthmatics to deal with their disease. Doctor is a great person to whom you can talk when you are not able to tolerate the asthma symptoms. Doctor can know which mediations are the best for you.

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