July 16, 2016

Causes and Treatment of Chronic Asthma Symptoms

Symptoms of chronic asthma are asthma symptoms that occur due to several factors or symptoms. One of the symptoms of asthma can be made into a congested chest. Tightness that occurs in the chest are caused by activities outside too much and too often done. Therefore, you should be able to reduce outdoor activity that asthma symptoms can be reduced. Asthma is a chronic disease that occurs due to blockage or infection of the respiratory tract and the disease can also be caused due to germs or bacteria that thrive in the respiratory tract. Symptoms of chronic asthma can happen to anyone. These symptoms can appear anywhere and anytime without any age restrictions. Therefore, you must always keep the body and the environment so as not to asthma. One of the causes of asthma is dust flying around your neighborhood. You will find it difficult to breathe and it can be dangerous. Treatment of chronic acid is already done in many ways. One way to treat asthma is to use natural ingredients. Asthma can also be treated with a treatment from medical personnel. When you treat asthma with natural ingredients, then you can get a more affordable price. Natural remedy for asthma can be found easily in the traditional market. Traditional medicine is cheaper than going to the doctor that cost a lot of money. How to prevent chronic asthma is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You should be able to arrange a time to rest, eat nutritious food and healthy and keeping the body is not too tired. Here are the symptoms of chronic asthma:

· Chest pain when breathing
Chronic asthma will cause pain in the chest when you breathe. This is certainly the case in people who have had chronic asthma. You should be able to maintain health by maintaining the food you consume. This disease can harm you.

· Difficulty of breathing Symptoms of chronic asthma will definitely cause you difficult to breathe. This is because asthma makes your respiratory tract pain. You have to maintain the health and hygiene of the body to avoid this disease.

· Asthma symptoms become more severe
This starch will occur when asthma is not treated appropriately. These symptoms will grow worse.

 · Respiratory flow into low
This usually occurs in patients who have severe asthma because the lungs are affected badly. You should immediately treat asthma from getting worse.

· Addiction of bronchodilator

Asthma is a chronic lead to the need to use a bronchodilator increases. This is because asthma can make existing respiratory muscle becomes dead.

As has been explained that asthma cannot be cured, this disease can only be controlled. How to control asthma can be done properly when asthma quickly detected and treated early on. Appropriate treatment can reduce symptoms of severe asthma. Below is a cause of asthma symptoms:

·Inhaling wood smoke or cigarette smoke.
·Breathe dirty air is polluted.
·Inhalation of sensitive material with breathing such as soap, chemical cleaning agents, perfumes, disinfectants, and so forth.
·Inhalation can cause allergies namely animal dander, hair, dust, and mold.
·Infections that occur in the respiratory tract such as bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, and cough.
·Exposure to hot or cold air
·Fatigue when doing physical activities like sports.
·Stomach acid moving back up into the esophagus.
·Sulfites exist in food additives such as wine.

Treatment of Asthma

Use of medication for asthma should be supervised by a physician. In general, asthma can be given two drugs are as follows:

 · Controller medications 
These drugs are used to control asthma in the long term and continuous basis. These drugs can reduce swelling in the lungs caused by asthma attacks. These drugs can be taken every day even though asthma was not attacking the patient.
· Rescue medications 
This drug is a medication used to control asthma in the short term. This drug is only consumed when you have asthma.

 The things below can be done to help reduce the incidence of asthma:

·Knowing asthma triggers and avoids those triggers.
·If you are a smoker, then you have to stop to smoke.
·If you have asthma, do not take cough medicine. Cough medicines cannot cure asthma symptoms, but these drugs can cause other symptoms that do not want.
·Do not just taking ibuprofen and aspirin when you have asthma because in certain cases the consumption of ibuprofen and aspirin can make asthma worse. Before taking this medication, you should consult a doctor.

Symptoms of asthma are a disease that has characteristics of trachea excessive response to stimuli and causes respiratory tract becomes narrower. Asthma symptoms are usually characterized by shortness of breath and coughing. Patients with asthma can be grouped into two main groups as follows 

· Extrinsic asthma 
 Asthma can occur according to the season is going on. Usually asthma can affect adults and children. Asthma is caused by allergens that are known specifically as dust, food, and pollen. An asthma attack can heal itself or can be cured when given anti asthma usual. Asthma is entered in the class of extrinsic easier to cure. Any normal person can experience symptoms of asthma due to various factors. Asthma is the most widely due to the dust or other pollutants. You can use this mask to prevent asthma. 

· Intrinsic asthma 
 Asthma is going to be more severe in patients aged 30 years and over. Asthma is caused by allergic unknown. Asthma can be caused by too strenuous physical labor, infection, cold air, and pollution. Symptoms of Asthma are more dangerous because it does not work when only treated with anti-asthma medication usual. Asthma symptoms can appear very quickly and a maximum of up to 2 hours. Asthma in this category could take the life of a person when it is not treated with appropriate and quick care. Treatment of asthma requires patience. 

Ways in which to treat the symptoms of chronic asthma can provide the following benefits: 
 · Control symptoms in chronic asthma 
· Prevent death because it is caused by asthma is a chronic 
· Maintain lung function normal 
· Overcoming the effects of the use because of drug consumption asthma · Treat respiratory tract, and many others. 

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