July 20, 2016

5 Foods you Must Avoid to Prevent Asthma

Considering that asthma can attack anyone, knowing the foods that you must avoid to prevent asthma is incredibly important. Health condition like asthma can really happen to anyone regardless of the gender and age. That's why we need to avoid asthma and make sure that we're free to breathe unlike when we have asthma. Sadly, there are quite a lot of foods that can trigger asthma. In order to remain healthy, we need to avoid consuming them, especially if we already have asthma. Below are five of those foods you must avoid to prevent asthma. Stay away from them and you will be very healthy and free from asthma.

1. Eggs

Consuming eggs is healthy, actually. It's because egg is a great source of protein and vitamin. Eggs are also very delicious and in the ingredients of so many dishes. That's why avoiding eggs are actually very hard. However, eggs can have bad side effects especially for those who have egg allergy and asthma. For those who have egg allergy, skin reaction like hives can appear if they consume eggs or even egg products. Asthma is also one of the worst reactions of egg allergy. Consuming eggs or egg products can trigger the difficulty to breathe and asthma attack. That's why avoiding eggs is probably the best way for people who have egg allergy and asthma to stay healthy. Eggs are in the ingredients of so many dishes, so it's probably better to find the substitute for egg or to be very selective in choosing what you eat and make sure the food or drink that comes into your body doesn't contain any eggs or egg products.

2. Milk and Dairy

Milk is very good for your body especially for teeth and bones. Milk is also a great source of vitamin D and calcium. However, for people who have asthma, milk can trigger a big problem, unfortunately. It's believed that people who have problems with lactose and also bona fide allergy will get annoying health conditions like endless wheezing, coughing, and also worse respiratory symptoms like asthma when they consume milk. That's why a lot of people suggest that people with those kinds of allergy and also with asthma must avoid milk and dairy. It's actually pretty ironic because vitamin D can cure asthma by ease the symptoms and milk is a source of vitamin D. That's why other sources of vitamin D can be used. Instead of milk, people with asthma can consume carrots, papaya, sweet potato, melon, peaches, broccoli, squash, peppers, and mangoes. They are rich of vitamin D as well and they will not trigger asthma attack

3. Peanuts

Consuming peanuts is going to trigger fatal allergic reactions in anyone suffering from peanut allergy and also asthma. It's believed that a lot of asthmatic people also have peanut allergy. Both peanut allergy and asthma seem to come in one package. There's a study that eventually states that children with peanut allergy seem to be more vulnerable to asthma whereas children without peanut allergy are less vulnerable to asthma. It's actually matching with the fact that asthmatic children is also more vulnerable to peanut allergy compared to those who aren't asthmatic. Sadly, asthmatic children are also vulnerable not only to peanut allergy but also to grass allergy, cat allergy, dust allergy, tree pollen allergy and many more. All of them can trigger asthma attack and cause the difficulty of breathing. That's why asthmatic children must avoid peanut and be very selective when choosing food to eat. Peanuts can be found in many dishes even it's in the peanut oil of course. That's why becoming very selective and knowing the exact substitute for peanuts are the best options.

4. Salt

Salt is one of the most important ingredients in the whole wide world. Without salt, our food will be quite plain and tasteless. However, sadly, salt can really make asthma worse. It's the sodium inside salt that can trigger asthma attack. Salt can also drain the body fluid and cause inflammation inside our body. Things can get even worse when you have asthma because the inflammation can affect the difficulty of breathing. The worst kind of salt is the processed salt on your table or the salt from fast food restaurant. If you have to avoid salt, just throw away your table salt, the one inside the shaker, and replace it with healthier kind of salt like the Himalayan pink salt. It has better mineral in it and it has less sodium so that it can prevent the asthma attack from happening. However, you can always leave behind the salt if your tongue is more adaptable to slightly plainer food. You can always use herbs and vegetables to get natural savory flavor and thus avoid the usage of salt.

5. Shellfish

For those who love seafood but have asthma, just please consider your health. It's believed that shellfish can trigger allergy and one of the result of allergy is asthma. Unlike the peanut allergy that normally attacks children, shellfish allergy mostly attacks adults. A lot of adults who have the allergy to shellfish like shrimp, crab, crayfish, lobster, oyster, clams, mussels, and also scallops will have bigger possibilities of getting asthma attack. That's why you need to avoid it. Shellfish can be found in many dishes and even you can have a soup and have no idea that the stock is shellfish stock. That's why you need to be very selective to choose what you eat and also avoid shellfish dishes.

Those are five foods that you really have to avoid in order to keep your body healthy and away from asthma. Make sure that you know what you eat especially if you have asthma. Again, knowing the foods that you must avoid to prevent asthma is incredibly important. Make sure you don't put your life at a stake by consuming all those foods above.

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