November 06, 2016

Common Nutrients Recommendation and Limitation for Asthmatic People

Nutrient recommendation for asthmatic people

Enough nutrients intake is needed for asthmatic people. It is due to their need to get the best health management in asthma, so that their signs and symptoms can be prevented and their condition will never become worse. Right Now, there are some nutrients which is advised for you to take them more in your diet. For example, there are high carotenoid food and high lycopene food.

Nutrients recommendation for asthmatic people: High carotenoid foods

For this case, in example, you are recommended to take more food with high content of carotenoids. The high carotenoid food usually contain beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is known as one of fat-soluble antioxidant. As a strong antioxidant, it can combat free radicals in the body. Thus, it will help in reducing the cause of contraction which is may happen in airway smooth muscles.

From high carotenoid food too, beta-carotene can be made into vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A is known as a good property of antioxidant, too. So, it has a big potential in helping you in managing your asthma.

Actually, there are many high carotenoid food in the world. You can find the easily, truly. Foods which are known as a good source of carotenoid are vegetable and fruits in yellow or orange color and green color. For example, you may find them in spinach, sweet potatoes, carrots, mango, melon, winter squash, and apricots.

Nutrients recommendation for asthmatic people: High lycopene food

High lycopene foods are one of the most important nutrient in your diet tips. Truly, if you want to manage your asthma intake, then step up your lycopene intake! Lycopene is known with its high antioxidant activity. As another type of carotenoid, lycopene has been reported to be significantly effective in helping at controlling asthma which has been induced by exercise. For you who want to add more lycopenes in your diet, don’t be worried. You can just add more tomatoes, pink grapefruit, apricots, pink guavas, and waterm
elon . Happy trying!

Nutrient limitation for asthmatic people

But, of course, not all nutrients must be consumed more in asthmatic people. There are some nutrients that has to be consumed in limitation. Some of that nutrients is omega-6 fats, dairy products, salt and high sodium products, food additives and food preservatives. Here are more detailed information for you.

Nutrient limitation for asthmatic people: Omega-6 fatty acids

Omega-6 fatty acids are known as one of the essential fatty acids (EFAs). This type of fatty acids must always be there in your diet as in a certain amount, this type of fatty acid has a crucial role to make sure the proper function of your healthy body. However, in asthmatic people, the condition is different. For your information, excessive amounts of these omega-6 fatty acids can be harmful for your body. Maybe, it is due to its ability that can help in producing inflammatory prostaglandins, by the type 2 prostaglandins. Thus, excessive intake of omega-6 fatty acids can make the inflammation in the body soared. Because of that, it is advised for you to reduce the intake of refined vegetable oils in your daily life. Refined vegetable oils have been known with its high omega-6 fatty acids which is not good for asthmatic people.

Nutrient limitation for asthmatic people: Eggs and dairy products

Intolerances and food allergies are often associated with asthma. Thus, sometimes asthmatic people are recommended to eat fewer foods which can trigger adverse reactions in their body. Even though intolerances and food allergies are an individual problem, but there are common foods that have to be taken in consideration for asthmatic people. Eggs and dairy products are one of them. Asthmatic people usually advised to limit eggs and dairy products consumption to prevent in making their asthma symptoms worse.

Nutrient limitation for asthmatic people: Salt and high sodium products

Salt and high sodium products are recommended to be consumed less for asthmatic people. It is supported with many studies that have shown that the regions that has a high salt consumption tend to always has a higher rates of asthma. Several studies also have suggested that there is an association between worsened asthma symptoms with high intakes of salt (sodium). It is due to its ability to make the airways to be more reactive to allergens.

Moreover, the excessive intake of salt (sodium) is believed to have ability to strip the potassium body . Potassium is known as a mineral that has a good association in improving lung function so it will help in reducing the incidence of asthma. Thus, it can make your condition to become worse. Because of that, always make sure to keep your salt intake in limitation. You have to make sure that you know about all “hidden salt (sodium)”. It means that you have to be aware in many processed and packaged foods, such as canned fruits and vegetables, commercial cereals and all types of frozen meals.

Nutrient limitation for asthmatic people: Food additives and food preservatives

Food additives and food preservatives are a big NO for asthmatic people. It is because some food additives and food preservatives have been reported with its ability to act as a strong asthma triggers in some people with asthma. Not only that, in the food additives and food preservatives, there are so many things which aren’t good for the body. Substances such as benzoates, sulfites, monosodium glutamate, and tartrazin, have the possibility that can worsen asthma signs and symptoms.

Benzoates usually used in various products, such as soft drinks and has been known as an antimicrobial preservative. Sulfites are usually used as food preservatives in many alcoholic beverages and packaged foods. Monosodium glutamate, or known as MSG, is one of well-known flavor enhancer which is often used in much processed food. You may find them in Chinese restaurant, too. Last, tartrazine has been used in many processed foods, such as butter, canned vegetables, candy, cereals, cheeses, chips, confectionery, instant soups, pastas, pickled products, rices, sauces and soft drinks, as, an artificial food. In the end, to make sure that you can avoid all of them, it would be better for you to eat organic food which hasn’t been processed.

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