October 27, 2016

Asthma and Cities: Which Cities are the Best?

Many people may know the worst cities for asthma. However, not many who know which cities are the best place for people with asthma. There are many surveys of cities which are not good to be lived because it is not good for asthma sufferers. Then, beside those cities, other cities are fairly good for people with asthma. It may be difficult to judge a city which is the best place to live for people with asthma. However, there are some factors which can make a city fairly good or bad for people with asthma. The factors start from the geography until the climate. Here what you should know about cities which is better for people with asthma.

'Best' Cities for Asthma?

The researchers rank the best cities based on asthma prevalence, pollen counts and pollution levels. The top 10 cities which is the best cities for people with asthma are Cape Coral, Seattle, Minneapolis, Colorado Springs, Portland, Palm Bay, Daytona Beach, San Francisco, Portland and Boise City. Are these cities the best for asthma? The answer is no. Many people with asthma are questioning whether they should move or not. There is no exact answer for this. There are many factors and all of them are based on your symptoms. It may be different from each asthmatic. A city is good for one asthmatic but it is not always good for other asthmatic. However, there are specific factors in the cities which can affect people with asthma some better some worse.


Geography has big influence in a person’s asthma symptoms. Many asthma experts agree with that. The survey is based on the water. For example, the three of the best cities for asthma are near the coast. Living near the water provides strong wind which can blow away irritants and allergens. In water areas, pollen counts are also lower. In contrast, cities which don’t get good air circulation usually are located in valley. These places are dangerous for people with asthma. Places in valleys sometimes attract pollutants. The air flow can’t move freely. The breezes from lakes and oceans can be good but near water can’t guarantee that you will get air quality.

Weather Conditions.

People with asthma should live in the cities which have relatively mild climates. Extreme temperature can be a general asthma trigger which is non allergic. When the air gets cold, it can shock the lungs. Then it can cause bronchospasm which block the airways. The pressure can be another common trigger for asthma. The possible benefit for people with asthma is in a mild climate. Once more, it is also based on your asthma triggers. Some people can live in cold winter but other also can live in hot climate as well. Although some cities in the coast are on the list of the best cities for people with asthma, the humidity on those places can be a problem too. The humidity can trigger asthma symptoms because it is also an irritant. The humid environments also invite allergens such as dust mites and mold. Cape Coral is the best cities in coastal area for people with asthma but if mold is your trigger then you can’t live there.

Pollen Count.

The most general allergic trigger for asthma is pollens. There are different types of pollen and the season also differs from one region to other region. When it is spring, the toughest cities are the one with tree pollen. The pollen comes from oak, elm and maple. They are the worst. When it comes to fall, the pollen from ragweed becomes trouble. Actually, it is depended on the pollen type. It is okay of you live in area with high pollen count as long as you are not allergic to the pollen. Some people only are allergic to specific pollen.


Pollution for sure can be found mostly in the cities. There are many cars on the street, many businesses, and many factories which can cause pollutants in the air. The pollutants are one of the irritants as well. They can affect the symptoms to a person’s asthma. You may not realize that the level of pollution is related to the increasing of pollen level indirectly. The carbon dioxide is produced by ignition and it is a waste. Moreover, it is a gas which is needed by plants to grow. There are studies which shows that in urban areas with high pollution, the higher level of carbon dioxide also improve the plant growth. Moreover, it improves the pollen levels as well.

Other Allergens.

You should think about other allergens you can find in the cities as well for example, pests such as mice, cockroaches and rats. Those pests can trigger asthma attacks. Mostly, they are the problem in poorer urban environment.

Smoking Legistation.

Talking about evaluation of city which can affect asthma, actually it is not always about weather and pollen counts. The real impact for asthma symptoms can be because of smoking. The law about smoking should be strict. Smoking should be banned in public places such as restaurants and workplaces. Some researches show that the cities which have strict smoking legislation decrease the patient with asthma in ER.

Should I Move?

Many people who live in the cities and have asthma usually want to get out desperately. They want to live in a place in which they can resolve their asthma symptoms. However, that doesn’t solve the problem. The reason is that it often doesn’t work well. Asthma is a complicated disease. It is triggered by many factors and they are different from each person. That’s why it is difficult to predict that you will be better in new place. You should keep in mind that people who are allergies to something; they will be easily to develop new allergies. So instead of moving, you can just change your old ragweed tree into oak tree. You should be cautious when you want to move because of your asthma. In fact, there is no best city for people with asthma. It is recommended if you try to live in new location for few days or months before moving permanently.

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