October 11, 2016

10 Things You Must Avoid to Prevent Asthma

There are some things which can be the trigger of asthma, and you're better to know about it in order to avoid asthma. Asthma that we have known is a term which comes from Greek and has meaning gasping or shortness of breath. It's a term that refers to chronic disease on the respiratory track that makes the sufferer feel so difficult to breath. Nowadays, there are so many medications and also ways to solve asthma, but the best way to solve asthma is avoiding various things that can be the trigger of asthma. You can also do other things to avoid this disease. Read the information below to know more about it.

Things You Must Avoid to Prevent Asthma

Actually, there are so many things that become the trigger of asthma. You're better to avoid those things to be free of asthma. Here are the common things that become the trigger of asthma, and you have to avoid these things:
1. Dust 
Dust can stimulate allergy, so it can cause asthma. To make you free of asthma, try to keep the cleanness of your room. Make sure every room in your house is free of dust to make you free of asthma.
2. Flower
The pollen of flower is a trigger of asthma, so you're better to avoid it. Avoid planting flowers in indoor because it can be the trigger of asthma. To avoid the pollen of flower, make sure you plant the flower rightly and not over. You can plant it in the shiny place and cut the dead plants periodically.
3. Pet
Some surveys found fact that contact with pet such as dog and cat can be dangerous activity that causes asthma. Some parts of pet such as fur and saliva are the trigger of asthma. Although your pet is not near with you, but its fur can be around you and become the trigger of asthma. So, you're better to avoid pet and don’t let your pet to enter your home.  
4. Smoke and Smell in the Kitchen 
 Smoke and smell in the kitchen can be the trigger of asthma. So, you're better to avoid it. If your kitchen is not completed by blower, you can open the window during cooking. So, you can cook comfortably without worrying about smoke and smell in kitchen.  
5. Cigarette Smoke 
Cigarette contains so much harmful substance that will irritate your lung. So, avoid smoking if you want to be free of asthma. You can also avoid cigarette smoke by avoiding the place where there is people who is smoking in that place.  
6. Paregoric 
Paregoric is also the trigger of asthma. So if you go to doctor to get some medicines, make sure you have told about your asthma to get the best medicine.  
7. Extreme Weather 
Extreme weather can also be a trigger of asthma. Although you can’t control the weather, but make sure you can avoid extreme weather in order to keep your healthy and avoid asthma.
8. Vigorous Exercise 
We have known that people with asthma can’t do vigorous exercise because it can cause asthma. So for you who have asthma, you have to avoid vigorous exercise and try other exercise that is recommended for you, such as yoga.  
9. Emotion 
Some excessive emotion such as anxiety, fear, and anger can become a trigger of asthma. It happens because there is change in heartbeat which causes narrowing airways that lead to asthma.  
10. Food Allergy 
Food allergy is also the trigger of asthma. Some of foods that can cause allergy are egg, nut, fish, shrimp, and more. So, avoid food that will cause allergy to be free of asthma.

Tips for You

After knowing things that should be avoided to prevent asthma, you can start your life by avoiding the things above. Besides avoiding the things mentioned before, you can also do other tips that are so useful for you. Here are some tips you can follow to handle asthma: 
 · Knows The Trigger of Your Asthma 
People with asthma have different condition, and they also have different trigger of their asthma. So, try to know about the trigger of your asthma. By knowing the trigger, you'll be easy to avoid the trigger and free of asthma wherever you are. 
· Reduce Your Stress 
As explained before, stress and other form of excessive emotion can cause asthma. So, try to avoid stress and make sure you always feel relax and calm. You can do some things that are so good to control your emotion, such as meditation, yoga, and more. 
· Find the Right Exercise 
Vigorous exercise can cause asthma. So, try to find right exercise for you. Some recommendations are jogging and walking in the morning, but don’t do that too long because it'll make you feel so tired, remember that tiredness can lead to asthma. You're better to consult with your doctor and ask him to give you recommendation about best exercise for you. 
· Keep Your Home Clean 
 Make sure your environment is so clean to avoid asthma. Make sure your home has good ventilation too, because good ventilation can make your home fresh, and it's good for you who have asthma. 
· Breathing Exercise 
Breathing exercise can also be a good way to prevent asthma. Try to take a deep breath routinely to exercise your breath, and then you can handle your asthma. 

Well, those are some information for you about things should be avoided to prevent asthma and some useful tips you can do for avoiding asthma. You can use the information above to be free of asthma. Remember that asthma is dangerous disease. A little thing like dust can be a trigger. So, try to be careful person that always keep the clean of your environment and avoid every thing that will be the trigger of your asthma. By doing that, you can avoid your asthma and can enjoy your life without worrying about your asthma. Finally, hopefully the information above will be useful for you.

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