August 18, 2016

Managing Kids’ Asthma at School

Having a school age kids with asthma can make parents have double level of worry. They fear that their kids will have asthma attack at school. School nurses are trained to deal with students having asthma attack. However, it doesn’t make parents have less worry. Asthma attack can occur anytime so that parents need to do something more to make sure that their school kids have less risk of suffering from asthma. If your kids are start entering kindergarten or elementary school this year, you can follow these tips

Let the school know your kids condition

It's important for parents to let the school know about their kids’ asthma. The more school personnel are aware of your kids’ condition, the better. Your kids’ asthma attack may happen in classroom, hallway, school yard, or canteen. That’s why it's important for you to let as many school personnel as possible. Here are some of the lists of school staffs who must know about your kids’ condition. 

 - School nurse 
Talking to the school nurse about your kids’ asthma is very essential. It'll help her understand more about your kids’ condition and what to do about it. It'll also enable you to find out about the school policy and whether or not she'll be there all the time. Some school nurse work for several schools so that it's important for you who are in charge of the school clinic when she is not around. 

- Classroom teacher 
It's a must for you to let the classroom teacher to understand your kids’ condition. This teacher will be around your kids most of the time. As a result, he or she must know what to do when your kids have asthma attack. This condition usually will also affect the kids’ performance at school. Telling him or her about it will enable them to understand why the kids don't have well performance. 

- PE teacher
Kids with asthma usually can't follow physical education very well. Certain exercise can trigger asthma attack. That’s why you must tell the PE teacher about your kids’ asthma. Telling him or her will help you ease your mind when your kids have PE lesson. With this information, the teacher will look after them more closely.

Aside from those school personnel, you must also talk about your kids’ asthma with the school bus driver, school counselors, and other teachers. When you are talking to them, don’t forget to give them the copy of your kids’ asthma action plan. In consequence, if they have asthma attack at school, one of those personnel can take emergency action to relieve the attack.

Taking extra care at the right time

Asthma attack usually more frequent in windy or cold weather. Kids who are allergic to pollen will have higher risk of suffering from asthma attack when it's windy. Kids with asthma usually will have higher risk of getting the attack when the air is dry and cold. That’s why it's important for you to take extra care of your kids in fall and winter. At this time of the year, you must make sure that your kids take their medication properly. You'll also need to make sure that they bring their inhaler and asthma medicine to school. Be sure to make sure the inhaler still has the medicine in it. Another thing you must do is preparing healthy meals so that they can fight the asthma attack better. 

Asthma attack is not only triggered with allergens and weather. It may also be triggered by stress. Your kids may have higher stress level when they have exam. To relieve their stress, you must give them proper support. You may need to talk with your GP or school nurse to help your kids feel more relaxed when they are having exam.

When to let your kids stay at home

Due to the asthma attack, kids must miss the school. Stay home from their school for too long can make them feel left behind their friends. However, sometimes it's important for them to have proper rest to recover. 

Your kids’ asthma attack may be different from time to time. At times, it may be severe. And another time, it may be less severe. When they have severe attack, they must, of course, stay home from school. Here are some of the conditions that require them to miss the school. 
- When your kids have a fever over 100 F. In this condition, your kids will be hot and flush. 
- When they have breathing problems, such as breathing fast and can't speak in full sentences.
- When your kids are suffering from respiratory infection symptoms, such as painful neck gland and sore throat. 
- When they can't perform their usual activity. 
- When they suffer from chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath and coughing even after taking the quick relieve asthma medication. 
- When your kids’ peak flow score is below 80% after taking their medication.

Medication for asthma

All parents who have kids with asthma surely want their kids free from this condition on their entire life. Doctors said that asthma can't be cured. However, parents must not be desperate about it. Some kids outgrow their asthma as they are getting older. 

Your kids have higher chance of outgrowing their asthma if they don’t suffer any allergies, eczema, and asthma history in the family. But, if they suffer from these conditions, they'll have less chance to outgrow their asthma. You, as parents, can only help them to control the symptoms. 

The right asthma medication will help them to live better even with this condition. To help them have excellent health all the time, it won’t be wrong for you to consider natural medication. There are natural asthma medications which will help your kids avoid asthma attack. When you are looking for this particular asthma medication, be sure to choose one that is already proven. This natural medication is safe and has no side effect on your kids. In consequence, you can use it on your kids safely.

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