August 17, 2016

6 Recommended Foods to Cure Asthma

Asthma is a disease causing breathless condition in which air in the lungs is blocked to flow. It's not a serious disease causing death. But, it should be treated well to prevent further serious condition. To recognize asthma, you have to know its symptoms and causes. Unfortunately, the causes of asthma are not identified obviously. To prevent asthma attack more serious, it's recommended to eat healthy foods to cure asthma as well.

The Causes of Asthma

Though it's not known well, there are actually some things causing this disease. You must be aware of the causes.

Body Organ Infection

One of possible causes is lung and respiration infection that is generally attacking the top respiration channel like influenza. GERD disease can cause asthma in which gastritis gets up to the respiration so that it makes irritation to the top digestive channel. You have to concern more on those diseases as you get asthma.

External Factors

The external factors may become the main cause of asthma. Allergen is the example of external factors. You can get allergy of animal fur, dust, flower powder, and insects. Meanwhile, substance exposure in the air takes an important deal with the cause of asthma. For example, chemical smoke, cigarette smoke, and air pollution can be external factors. Weather condition supported by bad air quality and drastic air temperature change can influence your asthma attack.

The Other Factors

In addition, stress and emotion can be a cause of asthma. Physical activities take a deal with asthma as well. Certain drugs, for example, anti inflammation, no steroid, and hypertension are a factor of making asthma serious. You have to prevent sulfite-content foods and drinks because it gets worst asthma. You have to select the healthiest foods for asthma.


There's a claim of a study in which coffee is able to be one of drugs to cure asthma. Coffee can be a kind of drug and medicine for this disease. The kind of coffee should be served without milk. The content of caffeine in coffee is actually effectively preventing and controlling asthma. This is caused that coffee is served when it's still hot and warm. It means that it's significantly to clean and relax nerves in your respiration channel. Though it seems to be great for handling asthma problems, the consumption of coffee should be wise. It must be drunk in a right dosage. It's allowed to drink coffee maximally three times per a day. Don't exceed the limit of coffee drinking frequency if you want to get beneficial benefits of coffee.


What are the other foods to cure asthma? The kind of fruit is effectively to treat asthma. One of the fruits is apple. Why is it? A study that was conducted claimed that pregnant women eat at least four apples per week actually has lower risks of suffering asthma. This is caused that apple contains quersetin that clinically proves giving extra protection to asthma. It's also affirmed that people drinking apple juice have low percentage of suffering asthma. Do you believe it? You must try consuming apple regularly to cure your asthma.


A kind of fruit is still powerful to cure asthma attack. One of the fruits is tomato. Tomato is rich of good substances making it to be functional food to cure asthma. It reduces the symptoms of asthma significantly if you eat it routinely. The important substance is lycopene. Lycopene is beneficial to prevent lung irritation and treat asthma symptoms. When you include tomato for daily menu, make sure that you give high supply of raw tomatoes because it's bio available. Tomato also contains beta-carotene and vitamin C. The number of potassium is also quietly bigger than the other fruits. So, it's recommended to cure asthma.


Avocado seems to be famously known high cholesterol reduce. But, this fruit is trusted to help curing asthma. Avocado is a part of food list with high concentration of glutathione. It promotes substance health with wide functions. Glutathione has proved to protect cells to the damage of free radicals and to detoxify strange substances like pollution. Next, with glutathione, antioxidant will never work efficiently. Avocado is also a source of vitamin E for asthma sufferers. It also has high concentration of L-glutathione to be anti-asthma substance that is famously effective to help irritation of systemic quells. In that process, it means that it's helpful to cure asthma.


Including banana in the list of recommended foods to cure asthma is the right option. It assists asthma sufferers breathe easily. In addition to lose weight effectively, eating banana every day can cure and prevent asthma. It has been studied to children eating banana. It decreases risks of asthma symptoms up to 34 percent. This result is actually not surprising regarding to the function of banana. This fruit is one of the best sources of pyridoxine. It's generally known to be vitamin B6 taking an important role in the production of adenosine trifosfat and molecules to relax muscle tissues on bronchus. It means that it's great for curing asthma.

Ginger and Mineral Water

The content of fibers and antioxidant on ginger makes it herbal drunk that is effectively to relieve respiration channel. Ginger also contains a relaxing substance that is greatly effective to reduce breathless feeling due to asthma. The ginger is possibly proceeded to be tasty drink in order to be able to consume every day. You may mix it with hot water and sugar to give taste. Drink it every day to gain magical benefits to your asthma.

Mineral water actually affects great for body health. Most of the diseases are caused by lack of water. One of the diseases is asthma. Asthma is often regarded to be a sign of body in which it gets dehydration. If it's not handled well, asthma gets more serious. To relieve respiration, you can drink much mineral water. Those are several causes of asthma and some foods that are able to cure asthma effectively.

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