February 23, 2017

6 Things about Asthma That You Should Know

Do you know asthma? This is a disease attacking the sufferers to breathe difficultly. This is not categorized to be a serious disease. But, it still needs to cure in order to avoid a breathless condition for sufferers. If you want to know the steps on how to cure asthma without medicines and drugs, you should read the brief explanation.

What Is Asthma?

Asthma is a long – term or chronic disease type on the respiration system and channel. It is signed by the irritation and constriction of the airways causing breathless and out of the breath. In addition to difficultly breathe, asthma sufferers can also experience the other symptoms. The symptoms include chest pain, cough, and wheezing. Asthma can be suffered by all people including elder, adults, youth, and kids. Though the real causes of asthma are not recognized clearly, but there are some activities causing and stimulating the disease. What are they? Those are cigarette smoke, dust, fur, physical activities, cold air, virus infection, and the exposure of chemical substance.

For those people suffering asthma, respiratory tract is more sensitive depending to the people who don’t live with this disease. When the lung is irritated due to those above factors, muscles of respiratory tract of asthma sufferers will be rigid and narrow. As a consequence, it will increase the production of sputum making breathing get more difficult.

Types of Asthma

There are some types of asthma that you should know. This is useful to detect which type of asthma attacks you. The first asthma is called as asthma due to allergy. This is mostly suffered because there is an allergy cause or allergy causing asthma. Some causes of this asthma include dust, fungus, fur, air condition, weather, and all allergen factors. The next type is asthma due to cough. This is caused by the cough suffered. There is asthma due to environment influenced by environmental factors. The last type of nocturnal asthma appears at night only.

The Early Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma is usually shown by some early different symptoms. All asthma sufferers can have the symptoms together when they are suffering the other diseases. What are actually the early symptoms of asthma? The first symptom is sleep disorders continuously making you annoyed. The uncomfortable breathing process will occur due to breathless or heavy breathing. Small cough will occur at night. Your body is easily tired and fatigue when you do the activities at noon. You feel sad, emotional, and depression. Don’t forget there is a pain on the throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, and some symptoms like influenza attack. You must be aware of those symptoms in order to be able to detect your disease earlier. If the symptoms get serious and chronic, it is better to consult to the medical expert.

Asthma Diagnosis

To recognize the patient suffering asthma, doctor needs some series of tests. But, before conducting the test, the doctor will ask question to the patient about the symptoms of asthma that they felt. It includes the appearing time of asthma symptoms and patient’s health history. It is caused that the asthma is a genetic disease. If all information given to the patient directs to the asthma, the next step is running a test to convince the diagnosis. What are the tests to do? Those are spirometry, bronchus provocation test, allergy status measurement, ct scan, and Rontgen.

If a person is diagnosed to be asthma sufferer when he is child, the symptoms may lose as he becomes teenager and occur at adult. But, asthma symptoms are categorized to be medium or heavy at childish period. Though it is detected like that, asthma can appear in any ages and cannot start at childish period of time.

The Treatment of Asthma

There are two purposes in treating asthma disease. Those are relieving symptoms and preventing the symptoms appearing back. To support those purposes, it needs a treatment plan of doctor that is adjusted to the condition of patient. The treatment plan includes recognizing and handling worse symptoms and the drugs that are used. It is important to recognize the things causing asthma so that you can prevent it. If the symptom of asthma appears, a general drug recommended is inhaler. This is the simple and the most effective drug. But, as a chronic asthma appears for longer time, you should go to the hospital to gain the right treatment.

4 Ways on Curing Asthma without Drugs and Medicines

In addition to use drugs and medicine to cure asthma, you can take the other natural ways to cure asthma. The treatment of asthma without drugs and medicines can be a great alternative choice to handle asthma. There are some herbal treatments effectively to release asthma. What are they?
Garlic Herb
Garlic is an effective asthma herbal treatment especially for curing asthma in the earlier step. The garlic is helpful to make respiratory organs to more relieving and decrease the sputum in the respiratory organs. If you want to use this herb, it is very easy. Boil 2 pieces of garlic with water. Then, drink the boiled water when it gets cool. It is better to drink this herb at night.
Ginger is a type of rhizome plant with special aroma. Ginger is effectively proven to rid of breathless symptoms and decreases the irritation in the respiratory tract. This can be a natural herbal drug for all kinds of asthma types. To make this herb, boil some fresh gingers. Then, drink it when the ginger herb is still warm.
Honey contains natural substances that can help to relieve respiratory tract for those asthma sufferers. The alcohol in honey has a relieving substance to smooth the respiratory tract. In addition, honey contains important nutrition to keep body immune system and prevent some diseases. You can make it at home by taking a spoonful of honey added cinnamon powder. Eat it.
Acupuncture is a kind of asthma treatment method that was firstly introduced by Chinese. Some kinds of spots in the body connect directly to the respiratory tract that will be got therapy. Some people can recover from asthma with acupuncture therapy. But, it must be conducted routinely.

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