April 04, 2016

Best Exercises for People with Asthma

Asthma is not kind of rare health condition because there are many people who have to deal with this health condition. When people live with asthma, it means that they have to be careful with anything which can trigger the symptoms of asthma. People have to be very careful with the foods they consume and they also have to take the medication for asthma anytime the symptoms occur. Some people with asthma will have great worry when they do physical exercise because there are some exercises which are able to trigger the symptoms of asthma such as breath shortness. It doesn't mean that people with asthma can't do physical exercise at all. There are some options of physical exercises which can be the best option for people with asthma. It's important for choosing the physical exercise carefully and not to forget about the medication for asthma for making sure that this activity can be fun and useful for health.


Walking sounds like very friendly option of physical exercise which can be done by everyone and of course this kind of physical exercise will be great choice for people who suffer from asthma. There's study which shows people that adults who have habit for walking three times in a week for twelve week can get control improvement for their asthma. At the same time, they are also able to increase their fitness level without worrying about the activity which can trigger the asthma attack. People can try to take a walk for half an hour with warm up for five minutes and cool down for five minutes. It's crucial for making sure that the warm up is done properly before taking walking exercise because it will help the body tolerance with tougher physical activity.


The next great option of physical exercise which is friendly to asthma sufferer is yoga. In fact, people can find that yoga becomes great physical exercise option for people who have asthma. The key for this great effect of yoga to asthma is because of the breath control which can be found a lot during yoga exercise. With the breathing exercise, there are more areas in the lung which can be activated. There is study which said that people who do Hatha yoga for ten weeks with 2.5 hours every week can reduce their medication for asthma. Besides yoga, people are also able to get similar benefit from other physical exercises which focus on breathing emphasizing such as Tai Chi.


It doesn't mean that people who suffer from asthma can't have fun with the sport game. They are still able to play the sport game and baseball becomes the best sport game which is friendly for people with asthma. There is general rule about the physical exercise which can be trigger of asthma. Physical exercise can trigger asthma if there is sustained heart rate as well as breathing rate for not less than 5-6 minutes. It can trigger asthma more than the physical exercise which involves the stop and start activities. That's why people can find baseball as the sport activity which is safer for people who suffer from asthma. However, if people with asthma want to do this physical exercise, they need to prepare the required medication.


Cycling can be great option of physical exercise for people with asthma but it should be done correctly. It's important for making sure that they do the cycling at the pace leisurely. It won't trigger the asthma symptoms. However, people have to be careful when they increase their cycling up to 18mph. in this circumstance, people will breathe in and out rapidly for making sure that they are able to keep up the pace. This condition can dry out their airways so the asthma attack can be triggered. If people choose to bike as their physical exercise when they have asthma, they have to avoid mountain biking because it will need heavy breathing.


Many people choose playing golf because they want to relax their mind. In fact, playing golf is not only great for this purpose because it will also be great choice of physical exercise for asthma sufferers. People mustn't forget about the general rule of best physical exercise for people with asthma. When playing golf, people won't only swing because they also have to walk. Golf will be played outdoor space and it means that there can be pollen in the air. Allergic component such as pollen can trigger the symptoms of asthma so people maybe will consider playing the indoor golf game.

Sports with Racquet

There are various options of sport which comes with racquet is important equipment such as tennis and badminton. This kind of game will make player spend the energy on court but there's also regular rests which can be found between the games. People also have opportunity for reaching their water bottle. Asthma can be triggered by dehydration which is caused by physical exercise. When playing the game with racquet, people are also able to control over the game pace. The intensity of the game can be reduced when people play the racquet sport as double players.


Some people with asthma problem maybe will avoid running activity because they think that it will trigger the asthma attack. However, there won't be any problem when people choose the track and field with short distance. If people have asthma, they just have to keep in mind that it can be troublesome if they try to do marathon. The airways can be dried out and irritated with the huffing as well as puffing which is needed when people try running marathon.


Last but not least, people can find the swimming can be the most ideal physical exercise which can be chosen by people who suffer from asthma. When swimming, people will breathe in the highly humidified air. The mucus which is accumulated in the bottom of lungs can be loosened by the horizontal position which people make during swimming.

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