February 25, 2017

Arrange the Management Plan for Asthma’s Prevention and Know Several Facts about Asthma

For peoples who suffering with the Asthma, you should need asthma management plan that becomes your best option and preventing the symptoms. The asthma management plan was something that had been developed by your doctor and you to help to stay control your Asthma, instead of Asthma that will control you. The good effective plan will allow you to get some benefits, they are:
- Always being active without any asthma symptoms.
- Only few or zero of side effects from the asthma medicine.
- There is no emergency visit or keeping you stay in hospital.
- Allowing you to have the clearest lung if possible.
- Give you take a part of exercise or sports.
- Sleep during all night without any asthma symptom.
- You can work or attend the school regularly.

There are 4 parts that you should consider to make your Asthma management plan:

1. You know about the asthma triggers and minimize to get contact with it.
You should avoid your asthma triggers that becomes the best way to reduce your need of medicine and to prevent the asthma episodes as well. But first, you should learn about what kind of trigger that can affect your asthma will occur. Every time you had the same asthma episode, you need to think about where you had been and what you had done from the last time. To answer all of these problems, you can make a list with these questions:
- Am I upset, tired or happy?
- Am I closer with pet? Or smoke from cigarette?
- Am I had vacuum my bed?
- Am I running, exercising or playing?
- Do I have suffered from cold or other infections?

You can discuss your own note with your doctor to create your plan. When you able to identify your triggers, you need to discuss about the best avoid from them and how are the preventions. For example, if you had certain allergy with the dirt or dust, you should put the airtight cover around your bed, pillows or mattress. You also able to discuss with your doctor about the best treatment which help you to reduce certain conditions.

2. You can take the asthma medicine that had prescribed.
The asthma medicines were usually inhaled through the machine that known as nebulizer, through the small device that known as metered code inhaler or the dry power inhaler. To get the best work from these all, you should use them in proper way. Mostly peoples use the inhaler and do not use in proper way. You can ask your doctor or nurse in order watching you and checking your technical use. If this is still difficult to use, you still have two options. Ask them to recommend you with the spacer or holding chamber. These devices will stick on your inhaler then make it easier to use and helping the medicine to reach the lung. All of peoples can get the advantages from using space or holding chamber, especially for kids. The other option, you can ask to use the breath actuated inhaler that will release automatically you medicine when you inhale, this is also easy way as well.

Unless, if your asthma is very light or mild, you can get the recipe at least for two different medicines. It would be confusing as well. The more you understand about your medicine and why they can help it, you will get the bigger possibility to know about how to use it in proper way.

Although, there are several side effects from the asthma medicine, you get more benefit to control your asthma than this risk. You can discuss about your medicine with the doctor to know further about their side effects.

3. You able to track your asthma and know the early symptoms that able to make it worse.
The asthma episodes never occur without any warnings. Some of them may feel the early symptoms, including of: the tightness in your chest, feeling tired, cough, etc. however, you should note that the airways to the lungs is narrow and slowly. You may not recognize the early symptoms until your airways getting blocked. The key to control your asthma is take your medicine in the early symptoms to avoid more serious problem.

4. You should know what to do when your asthma getting more serious.
If you understand the asthma management plan then you follow it, you may know exactly what you need to do when you in a bad case or emergency situation. You can discuss it with your doctor about what the best prevention action based on your asthma history.

There are some facts about Asthma that may be useful for you:

1. Asthma is involved as the chronic disease that affects the airways inside the lungs. During the patients, had suffer with the asthma attack, it would be including of shortness of breath, tightness, feel pain in the chest, cough and wheezing.
2. Asthma can be triggered by exercise, smoke, pollution, allergy, or the other airway infections.
3. Smoke had been known trigger the asthma attack.
4. In 2012, more than 18 million of adults and 6 million of kids had been suffered with asthma.
5. During the latest decade, the number of peoples who have asthma increase around 15%.
6. Asthma costs the nation over than $ 50 billion in every year that including the health care costs.
7. For children, boys tend to get the asthma than girls, however, for adults, the women are more possible than men’s.
8. The Hispanic may have the elevated risk that exposure with the air pollution because of the disproportionate amount (80%) that lives in the area or nation which fails to require the standard of air pollution.
9. Asthma is the cause of children that missing over than 10 million school days during a year.
10. Adult or college age tend to get higher possibility to develop asthma than the elders.